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Firefox 4 sucks

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Firefox 4 sucks.

Firefox 4 sucks.

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Held out hope for the update. Just uploaded 4.0.1 and all hope is gone. Switching back to 3.6 till I can find a new browser. Very, very, sad.

Problems found with all add-ons disabled:

  • Slow response to most mouse clicks
  • No response to some mouse clicks
  • Tons of errors in error console
  • Freezes with no errors
  • Same problems occur on XP and 7.
  • Agree that the changes are for the worse.
  • I have to customize to make it look like Firefox? Really?
  • Pretty much can't use it for anything.

由 Area6X 於 修改

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I have observed that chronically since the launch of Chrome, Firefox suddenly got some bugs, it constantly crashes and now with version 4 you make us stop using it...

Please reconsider the whole thing and re-design version 4 or let us keep v3. It is very sad because in my opinion Firefox used to be the best of all the browsers.. but not anymore...

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I'd previously tried V4 in XP a while ago when it first came out, but at that time decided against installing it into my primary OS (Win 7) because only 1 or 2 of my add-'ons were supported. Today however, in Win 7, I got the upgrade option presented and first went to check on the add-on situation. Finding they were all now supported I figured there was no other reason to not do the upgrade but 2 hours into using 4, I'm already trying to find out how to revert back. My reason is partly to do with the add-ons but mostly to do with the fact that it's endlessly crashing on me, which I appreciate is more than likely down to an add-on too but I've neither time nor interest at the minute to sort that out & would prefer to just roll back until things are maybe more stable. Bit peeved to find some of the add-ons & even proprietary themes aren't fully functioning as they were in 3.6 either. My All-in-One sidebar works ok but not with theme related icons for the most part - some icons show others don't or they all look as if no theme (at all) was applied & I've tried it with both Personas & ordinary themse. And colours on any of the tabs have all got much darker making them harder to view - even colorful tabs is struggling to brighten them up any amount. Small things but small things make for good usage sometimes. However, as others have said, it's hugely resource hungry and for whatever reason mine is now just crashing constantly which is just no good for a browser you expect to be better not worse (IE doesn't suffer the same fate so much on its upgrades). I've normally loved seeing what changes have been made & excited about every update - but not this one - sorry :( Like others here I'm reverting until I see things are in a much better place! BTW - for anyone who's wanting to ensure they can easily switch back one useful program is MozBackup (Google it) - means less stress if you've upgraded & actually have to uninstall rather than revert to a previous version.

由 TKR99 於 修改

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I've registered specifically to post in this thread.

V4.01 sucks, all right. Trustingly installed it and thought I'd opened IE9 by mistake. After searching around for toolbar options to put things back where they were supposed to be (and actually used to be) I find the tab colouring (specifically the on-tab close button) horrible but no apparent way to change it. Searching help led me to this thread, and all the other little niggles that I am also experiencing. Yes, my plugins don't work - most gallingly, Kaspersky's and, judging by the squiggly red underlining in this text box, the bloody UK English dictionary. I'm also seeing the page periodically jump up half a dozen or so lines as if my mouse has an aversion to letting me read the page. There's no 'organize bookmarks' option any more... so if I decide to do a clean out, do I need to download a plugin (presumably one that doesn't work) or do I use the bookmark menu that FF coders decided I didn't want to see, regardless of the fact that I had menus displayed before this upgrade? It's not faster, either. Even with Kaspersky filtering my pages, v3 was faster than v4 without filtering. Give me the status bar back. No, not the "App Bar", I mean the status bar. You know, the one with the useful information that you put a little bit of into an overlay at the bottom of the page? I'd like to see the progress bar back, at least!

IE's market share has been dropping for years DESPITE the fact that it had been bundled with Windows. Surely this would hint at the fact that for quite some time, people have actively sought an alternative to it, so why is FF4 made in the image of IE sans toolbars?

Design teams all over the computing fraternity appear to be following MS's mantra that everything in computing needs to be easy to use for the beginner, despite the fact that there are fewer people new to computers every year, day, minute, even! OK there are novices out there that don't want complicated things like menu systems, security options, toolbars or buttons cluttering up the screen but that doesn't mean the vast majority of users happy with them should be ignored and forced to make changes in a text based config file (thinking of saving tabs on close, here) to put options back how they were! Plugins have, for many years, been a main selling point of FF as a brand (influencing the market, too) so why roll out v4 when most of them are not compatible? Or is it just that v4 doesn't know where to look for compatible versions? Either way it's monumental fail from Mozilla.

I'm tired of typing here now and want to do something to improve my mood - re-install v3, possibly. Looks like I'll be checking out Chrome with so many other people pretty soon.

One last parting word... Don't disregard complaints such as those in this thread on the basis of only a few people posting from the millions of downloads (or actual users re: webstats). Be assured that the majority of people will not complain because they don't have time or even know where or how to do so. The surest way to keep existing users is to listen to them... try a survey on the "Welcome to New Firefox" page that is opened on installation; the resources are obviously there - the development team must surely be kicking back after all their hard work convincing people we need features (re)moved.

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Good grief! What software is running here?

If I hit <cr> I expect following text to appear on the next line.

Having to double-tap like this is daft! Almost as daft as FF4 "improvements".

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I have been using Firefox since the beginning and always have been very proud and impressed by this fast and nimble browser..


Recently I was asked if I would like to upgrade to Firefox 4.0 while I was using Version 3.5. As I have always loved this browser and never had any problems I happily downloaded 4.0 .

When I started it I was shocked ..nothing was where it was . I couldnt find anything I was looking for. The UI was so screwy...I swear it looks like a Firefox-Chrome birthchild . Hideous.

Out of fairness I tried to use it for a day to give it a chance but things were just too weird .

Its not a Firefox I would be proud to call my own.. so I switched back to Firefox 3.6. I was notified that this is out of date and I should upgrade.. but until you come up with a Browser a little more firefox and less chrome I will stick with my outdated 3.6 version.

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"Everything is still there, you just need to customize it

Home button: right-click it, click Customize, a new window will open, click and drag the Home button to its old place (in-front of the address bar) and then click Done .."

How nice, these should be the defaults. Having a building full of users who can barely use a computer having to run around and change this on 40 or more computers sucks.

I watched the video of the software staff taking about the great changes to this pile of ..... They talk about all the feedback from users.... ah, there is the problem and the rub. Do what Apple does, figure out what it should be, keep it in house, keep it clean, keep it simple stupid, don't query the masses for what do you want or think. This is how American Motors created the Pacer. Remember that car? Huge glass back window, baked you like you were in a green house to the point the AC couldn't keep up, oh, why don't you make the driver side door bigger, longer than the other, every try getting out of one in a parking lot, the list goes on and on....

I switching, dumping this dog, and the browser I will now recommend to users will not be this. It makes IE look good. Thanks Mozilla..

由 ocracoke 於 修改

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Firefox is an astonishingly bad attempt at copying Chrome. It a step back, the removed tab widths settings in about:config, they removed save on quit, not good, and it eats CPU and battery like no tomorrow. If I closed the lid with FF4 on, the battery is dead, if i leave everything running BUT FF4 and close the lid, normal.

Firefox is sad. Its really a huge step back. CPU, memory, battery life, speed, stability and plugin compatibility and power user settings. All got rooked in 4.0 and 3.6. . And 3.6 and 4.0 are both getting to being unusable at this point. I use Firefox ONLY for the plugins at this point and me being used to them. That and its one of the few browsers that used to (not with 4) handles opening 65 tabs at once.

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it is awful, fonts unreadable and constantly crashes/hangs. I;ve gone over to Sea Monkey.

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I was same problem. FF4 looks and using it was horrible but this video helped.

Firefox 3 theme for firefox and Status-4-evar


And screenshot from my ff4

由 wertyu 於 修改

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I literally laughed out loud when I read that. But yeah I switched back to 3.6, what a crock of shit. Go ahead, try to force me to upgrade to FF4. I DARE you...

由 frigfirefox4 於 修改

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Wertyu - thank you for that! I already had Status-4-Evar, but now I also have "Firefox 3 theme for Firefox", and "Back/Forward History Dropdown" which I think I see in your screenshot.

Removing the button for history dropdown was another BIG mistake. "Back/Forward History Dropdown" addon fixes that mistake. Click Back to go back. Click Forward to go forward. Click dropdown to choose from history. One button, one function. Simple, intuitive, it was a great feature in FF3. Removing it, with no built-in way to put back... was DUMB DUMB DUMB.

The last remaining UI problem for me, is that stupid click-and-hold on the Back button. It pops up the history way too fast here (about 0.5secs) so I am constantly getting an unwanted popup due to lingering too long with the mouse button down. I then have to either click a second time to close the popup and a third time actually go back, or I have to move my mouse into the history list and click a second time on an item. Sucks when I just wanted (and expected) to single-click-go-back.

It's a constant annoyance, and they forced it on me for what? So FF4 can be like "Crap-browser X"? So Windows users can see what people have to put up with on a Mac-with-no-right-click? Whatever, it would be fine if there was an option to TURN IT OFF.

If someone can just figure out how to disable click-and-hold on the Back button, all the FF4 UI damage will be finally undone for me. And maybe, just maybe... I'll try it out on my real PC's again (it's caged up in a testing-only Virtual Machine until I have fixes for all the UI mistakes).

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Another extension to install to restore the back/forward drop-marker button.

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Firefox 4 is appalling - I installed it, I don't like the look of it and it crashed my PC twice and I lost 2 hours work. I have gone back to 3.6.17.

The reason I left Explorer and went to Firefox was becuase they upgraded to a version I didn't like.......Google Chrome here I come!

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Yes, Firefox 4.0 does suck - big time! Memory usage is obscene! But Mozilla is just not listening. Interesting they upgraded 3.6.16 AFTER 4.0 was launched. I went back to 3.6.16 and took the upgrade to 3.6.17 and everything is fine until Mozilla tries to force me to 4.0, when I'll just have to say bye bye - been a user since Netscape, so it'll be a shame, but Mozilla just aren't listening!

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FF4 is terrible. What a piece of crap. I've been an avid Mozilla fan and user for many many years (way back when Netscape first came out), but seriously what the hell is this new piece of crap. Way to listen to the users! But thats ok, when the people begin dumping FF to go to another browser you will understand the grand error of not listening to the users.

Can someone please resurrect Netscape ... and have them stomp out the competition. I really miss Netscape.

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I liked FF up until this version 4. I'm especially frustrated with this stupid Add-ons Manager tab that keeps loading every time I go to my home page. And it loads again in a new tab every time I do it, so I can end up with ten or more of the same tab if I go back and forth from my start page a lot. And I can not figure out how to get it to stop loading it automatically. What a stupid thing.

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I have registered just to add my voice to the despair of this new version . I have had little trouble with previous upgrades but this version - sheesh ! I have gone back to the previous version and will look at Chrome ; maybe it's better now than when it first came out .

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Sunveer ~ I just have to ask..

Are you being sarcastic... facetious... and downright humorous when you ask "what problem do have?"

I have a hunch -- as royally CRAPPY as FF4 is that you're just having fun with us!  ;-)

.....right? Because -wow- This is the crummiest thing that has ever rolled down the Firefox pike!!

And I mean ... it is downright PATHETIC! Can't believe Mozilla Firefox isn't out yet with a profuse, heartfelt apology -- but with the amount of complaints, I would imagine there is one in the works!

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Sorry, but I think the 4x version is too much like IE. If I wanted my browser to be like IE then I would use IE. I'm only talking about the interface....That's was enough to deter me away from the new version. I really do like the Firefox browser and I do appreciate all the hard work of all the people involved but please don't try to emulate IE or any other browser. What makes Firefox special is it's own identity.

IMO...You really messed up the header and the tabs with the new version. You say you tried to free up space for a more pleasing browsing experience when all you did (for me) was make it ugly and inconvenient.

I will continue using Firefox because I believe it's the best browser out there but I do wish if your gonna rearrange the interface at least have an option for us who do not like change to stick with the old interface.

Thanks again for creating a very nice browser....

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