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Firefox 4 sucks

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Firefox 4 sucks.

Firefox 4 sucks.

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Ah, it looks like I have my answer:

Well it looks like a lot of people hate the new Firefox 4 and that is going to be a problem because Mozilla won't do anything about it.

So the idiots at Mozilla SUCK as much as the abomination aka FF4 they created SUCKS.

I assume from reading here that Google Chrome, which SUCKed very early on, still SUCKS, and that they are big time into invading the privacy of their users? Still, Zuckerberg will soon rule the world and then we will give up all privacy, so I wonder, is Google Chrome any better than FF3.6?

I can't seem to get my bookmark organizer to open in a separate page and most likely never will.

So, to recap, OPERA SUCKS, IE9 SUCKS, and FF4 SUCKS.

Isn't that special?

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Its slower than 3.x - LOTS slower It just sits there thing blank for a while before the pages load

the SAME page in IE or chrome come right up

Lots of issues staying logged in to sites - like Social media sites and forums ... Every time it makes you log back in. I deleted the cookies and tried again - still the same ...

Just get tired of the BS - went back to 3.6

will look closer at chrome as an option

Maybe in a few .x versions it will be better

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it does really SUCKS! it often really crash itself.. crazy browser.. and i think the performance its not better then the previous one.. stupid firefox..

i think i'll change to chrome or opera for now..

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are you stupid.. good for you if the ff4 suits for you.. ff4 only for idiots that doesnt understand what a good browser is..

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Tommy asked: What happened everyone? Were we simply trying to copy Chrome?

Well, I just tried to go to a link on Mozilla and I got a script error warning that said this: chrome://browser/content/browser.js:5673

While asking me if I wanted to stop scripts or continue.

So while I've not read anything in the news that says Google bought Mozilla, maybe that's why the new 4 sucks. I'm going back to 3.6. If that screws up I'll just find another Browser all together. Because I loved Firefox before this. Now, as much memory as 4 takes, as slow as it goes to load pages, pull up tabs, or new browser windows. As much as it freezes and crashes, it makes IE look like platinum perfection.

Thanks for the 3.6 link. You know Firefox 4 sucks when you can enter, "Firefox 4 sucks" and get a huge number of hits off Google, of all places, and one of those URL's in the top 5 is a bodybuilding forum where members are taking the time to bitch about 4. lol

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- I want the standard appearance that has always been Mozilla/Firefox not a clone of a bad interface. - I have no desire to sync my BROWSER nor my data except via mass storage or email. - I cannot find ways to navigate as I had and need to relearn merely for the sake of relearning (I guess as I see no value in the new interface) - One of the many features of Mozilla is the actual visibility of the controls by way of contrast. Give it back. ... that's all I can think of for now. There are a few more that I want to find good terms for before I post the complaints

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Uninstalled 4.0 and back to 3.6.16.

Sweet!!! life is again good.

DIE 4.0!

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I love firefox, i've been using it for something like 3 years now and don't use anything else, I'm an i.t technician and regularly install firefox on my customers system (3.6) but to tell you the truth 4.0 has been a huge disappointment.

yes we can change it back so it looks like 3.6 but why should we have to for the luxury of upgrading to this buggy, slow chaotic version of firefox? many home users simply don't know enough to understand how to do this without either help or great frustration and i'm sure many will give up and simply move to IE or Chrome.

i am running 4.0 on 3 separate machines and have had nothing but slow load times & frequent crashes (always at the worst time).

The new gui is a major mistake, I find now that most things need more mouse clicks making it slower to browse, people are confused since they have learned to use the browser as it was and now there having to try and figure it out again.

I get the feeling that changes have been made for absolutely no reason at all! moving the tabs for example seems like a pointless thing to do, for a while there i found myself moving my mouse to what used to be the tab bar to realise it had move...which was annoying.

I am now uninstalling firefox 4 and going back to 3.6, my memory usage will shrink, the crashing will stop and my load speeds will go back to the way they used to be...thank you mozilla.

I am thankful to the mozilla staff for all that they do and am grateful that firefox is free but i feel that these words must be heard, whomever came up with these ideas for 4.0...well sorry but i think they should be banished from the ideas board.

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I don't know exactly what the heck this guys from Mozilla are thinking, but this Firefox 4 sucks as much as all the shit that gets copied over from others. Looks like they begin to have an unprofessional QA department, where likely they pass the crap along just to get over it. Yeah, continue to close your eyes and ears Mozilla and lets see what PR of usage you guys will gonna have in few years continuing your ignorance.

P.S. This is basic stuff that everyone in IT KNOWS - DO NOT FIX OR CHANGE SOMETHING THAT WORKS! I wonder if anyone from Mozilla remember that? I don't think so, based on what the Firefox 4 works like.

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Firefox 4 totally succeeds. If the intention was to be just like internet exploder. Good job guys. When you get a minute can you make 4 recognize legitimate https certificates again?

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From creative innovators to cheap copy cats - way to go, Mozilla. If I wanted Chrome or Opera, I'd have chosen Chrome or Opera. Others have already detailed the many failures of this pig in fox clothing so I will bid adieu to another formerly beloved application that has suffered death by imitation. Sad, lame bunch you developers have become ...

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Firefox 4 sucks because many features which firefox 3 had are gone by default and i need to google it and read tons of things and then do configure each accordingly to make them appear in firefox 4. they should release firefox 5 immediately alright. (this felt a somewhat like when it was from xp to vista)

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Lots of problems. Clear history does not work, generates a flash got error message. Interface buttons moved around to odd locations, why? Because software people can't leave something that works well alone. Why are the stop and reload buttons combined and in an odd location. This takes extra mouse strokes. Bad idea, slows things down. Versions ago the book marks interface was unnecessarily complicated for HTML geeks I suppose. Now it is redesigned again which is not necessary or helpful. Full of bugs. Time to roll back.

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Put FF4 on Mac 10.6.7. Something fights with MailWasherPro and Mac Mail to the point it's hard to get my email. Hogging a port somewhere? Went back to FF3.6.16.

Put FF4 on Ubuntu 10.04 laptop. All kinds of problems with graphics, plus long, long, hangs. Went back to FF3.6.16.

Put FF4 on XP SP3 laptop. Only use it for one app anyway, and don't care about the browser. I'll leave it at FF4 and see if anything improves.


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It's more of a x4 (experimental version 4) than a true upgrade to the browser I enjoy using.

I'm a pretty self-restrained guy. Today, for the first time in my Internet browsing life, I slammed the desk with my fist, screamed in rage at the computer for full 5 minutes and honestly desired to punch the monitor and smash the keyboard against the wall. All because of blight that is Firefox 4. I've been using it for about a month now and I wouldn't withstand even a minute more. I'm fed up with it.

Instead of writing how much 4 sucks compared to 3.6, I will describe my exhilaration when I finally 'downgraded' back.

  • Having a youtube video playing in one tab while doing something else in another tab no longer causes my PC to randomly hang or freeze. Nice!
  • Right click on a tab gives you the option to bookmark tabs. Woohoo!
  • Status Bar!
  • Addons manager is now finally an environment I can work in!
  • Window Title is back even when I hid the Menu Bar!
  • Back and Forward dropdown list!
  • The Address bar is no longer patronizing you with 'Go to a Web Site' but instead it says 'Search Bookmarks and History'. Clean and elegant!


All of these, on their own, aren't that big of a deal. But together, they will drive even the most laid-back person to their wits' end fairly quickly. I am looking for stability in the browser I use, not novelty. Maybe these issues will eventually get fixed. I honestly can't say. Until then, I will stick with what works.

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I'm not liking version 4 either AT ALL. I dont like the layout, I liked the previous version but I dont know how to go back to it. I dont like the tabs at the top, or the buttons to the right of the address bar, also, after I use a game/site etc that uses Java and I go to close the tab, FF freezes up. Java is updated so its not the problem, its FF. I also dont have a lot of choices for add ons. I wish I was paying more attention when it said that FF had an update, because this isn't just an update, its a completely different look and everything and If I had know it was going to install this, I wouldn't have done it. To me, an update means something minor has been tweaked...not a completely different version and look.

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Although I am no fan of Internet Explorer an will resit using it if at all possible I may go back to it. I agree the version 4.0 of FF is abysmal.

Oh yes I am one of those who still uses WindowsXP SP3 an will do so until they no longer provide support for it. I tried Opera, an could not figure out how to use a dang thing with it, thus uninstalled it. I sure hope that any version of FF never looks like that. For now I'm back to FF 3.6.16.

Thanks thewildman

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I fail to see why they had to do anything to Firefox...were folks complaining...I doubt it. I have gone back to the old version and will continue using it until they absolutely kick me off...then I will go to IE

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Wow. I guest there is a first time for everything. Firefox 4 officially SUCKS. I do big time contracts for many medical, government principalities, and corporations and most of the time I configure mozilla as the default browser. No more. Problems:

  • 1. Its using more memory and doing less.
  • 2. Crashes all the time.
  • 3. Firefox doesn't load correctly on some social sites. You have to right-click and reload the page. F5 or refresh doesn't reload it correctly. (probably something to do with frames or cache...who knows)
  • 4. By the way did you recognize that the REFRESH button is now located the total opposite of where everything important is located. You have to scroll waaaaaaaaaayy to the right.
  • 5. Bookmark sorting is horrible. I want to sort my folders alphabetically. When I need help, don't point me to an article to sort bookmarks. Ex. When you create a folder under "Unsorted Bookmarks", and then "try to Sort by Name" all of the containing folders; the result is that nothing happens. Ha. funny.
  • 6. Most of the things that made firefox the best are now gone.
  • 7. Because powers that be are trying to make firefox 4 look like mobile browsers. That is horrible QA or software engineering. This is a desktop browser. They move firefox to Android and Nokia; make separate mobile and desktop versions (lazy). Instead they decided to copy opera, chrome for android(bla bla bla).
  • 8. Requests & posts are slower.
  • 9. Debugging with firefox was the best, but now google Ch60^^3 is about to take over. I hate google. But if I find a firebug like extension for google chrome, I am leaving FF for google. I dont want to have to hack 50 computers in a lab to make mozilla work.
  • 10. Firefox is becoming like Netscape in one failed swoop. (That is really bad.) Netscape sucked because they didn't realize people's behaviors and future needs. Netscape tried to copy IE and they had to remarket it as a totally different name. If versions like this keep coming out, then we will eventually see Mozilla Firefox change there name.
  • 11. I cannot press the stop button because it toggles back and forth between refresh and stop. Its located polar opposite of back and forth buttons.
  • 12. You allow users to turn off javascript alerts or pop-up by default. wtf! But I do like that firefox can interrupt javascript functions and leave a page.

Anyway, those are my quick thoughts. Somebody do something right. This plus the other postings should be enough Quality assurance.

P.S. I just currently defaulted machines in a laboratory to the IE Browser because they both look and behave so similar. There is no edge in firefox.

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Firefox occurred because the developers egos exceeded their programming/design abilities. Changes made for no real reason. I dont care about 10 pixels here or there I only use 1920*1080 and 1920*1200 monitors so this not everyone is a hipster using a netbook. Firefox 4 is the Vista of the firefox range.

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