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Audio breaks up in YouTube and other videos?

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Recently all the audio breaks up badly on YouTube and ssome other videos that I play (the other videos may be a YoouTube sorce). I have tried reloading the mozilla updates, gone back to older versions and tried the "reset" and nothing seems to work. All my downloaded vidoes, DVD's and programs seem to be working just fine so I don't think I am having hardware issues. It doesn't even happen every time but when it does it happens on everything on YouTube.

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Did any of these troubleshooting tips for audio help? Fix common audio and video issues

Please post back and we can continue to investigate.

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No. It appears from my observations that the audio breaks up as long as the information is loading. I noticed that on MP3's that I access on the web sites (which is obviously just audio) the track breaks up until the "buffering" has completed so I guess it takes too long for videos to complete that operation and they continuously break up? TW