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sync wont work

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I've tried Sync 15 times and it just won't work. The Help instructions do not match what i am seeing on my screen, and it's asking me for a recovery key under manage account but there is no manage account button!

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For finding ur Recovery Key at 1st go the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button and then select Options.then Click on the Sync panel.then Click Set up Firefox Sync and a new window will open.4.Under I already have a Firefox Sync account, click Connect. 5. Click I don't have the device with me. 6. Enter your account email address and password. 7. Click I have lost my other device and a new Recovery Key will be made for you. 8. Then click Change Recovery Key. You will see the Setup Complete screen. 9. Click Finish to close the setup window.

You only see the manage account item in Firefox/Tools > Options > Sync if you are connected to the sync server (i.e. already have entered name and password and sync key).

You can reset the sync key if you have forgotten it and didn't backup the sync key after you have entered the correct name and password for the sync account.

Note that you lose all data stored on the sync server if you reset the sync key.

thanks for the quick help but sorry I am not seeing any of these choices on the screen and I can't get the recovery key, sorry!

uworlds மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Please provide a screenshot of what you are seeing.

It is best to use a compressed image type like PNG or JPG to save the screenshot and make sure that you do not exceed a maximum file size of 1 MB.

Then use the Browse .... button below the Post a Reply text box to upload the screenshot.

sync is the biggest joke. i have tried sync so many times im tired of it. I will imput the date by hand. it might take a while but at least im not going to keep screwing around with something that doesnt work

My sync stopped working yesterday I have a message at the bottom of my browser that says: "Sync encountered an error while syncing. Unknown error. Sync will automatically retry this action." I have tried clicking the "sync now" with no results and have tried to just x it out, but of course, it keeps retrying, so the message shows up every 30 seconds or so. I don't want to disconnect it entirely, but it looks like I will have to do that. I have updated to the latest version of Firefox on both machines that I am trying to sync. What's the problem?

LoriH57 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Hello! Isn't anyone monitoring the support area? Are there no suggestions, hints, clues, or anything about what my problem might be?

I agree with the comments above ...SYNC is a load of crap from Firefox. It's utterly dysfunctional in it's present form. Come on Firefox...fix this up.

Agreed. I can't get it to work either. Dave

hi there, synch is now working between my mac and pc. I have no idea why, it just started working. Has been OK for around 2 months.

I am trying between 2 Macs without any luck. I just exported and imported, so I can get on with my work.

I have 4 relevant PCs. Three are Synced and working fine after a full day of persistent effort during which I several times considered hurling them through the window.

Today it is the fourth ones turn. I was determined to remain calm. After two hours of faffing around as my ears got redder and redder I have reached this impasse.

PC 3, the laptop that I am using as the "provider" of the service, sat and played with the six digits derived from PC 4 (The Victim). No luck after four attempts.

So I go into Firefox Help (seldom a good idea, but I am stuck). It tells me to go into my account. Then it tells me that the password is wrong. A surprise to me because I carefully noted the password in a spread sheet yesterday whilst wasting 8 hours with the three now connected. And I have the spreadsheet in front of me.

So I get a link for a password reset. I have no email on PCs 3 and 4 so up four flights of stairs to do the reset. I do it, and carefully note the new password in my spreadsheet which I pass via Hamachi downstairs to PC 3.

Down 4 flights of stairs. In with the shiny, new password. FIREFOX tells me it is wrong


Is there a darkened, padded room somehere that I cqn lie down in for several hours?

Or a big shiny executioners axe, a headsman's block and a FIREFOX developer handy?

You couldn't make it up.

A day and a half on this crap? Never again.

Sorry that you are having a problem with Sync. Devices / PC's Sync from the Sync server, not from another device.

I don't know which "6 digits" you are referring to, but unless you have both devices in the same room you would be better of using the Sync Key / Recovery Key for setting up the new device. If you were attempting to "pair" (3 groups of 4 characters) those devices, I hope you had them both running at the same time with Firefox running.

You may have to enable third-party cookies (temporarily).

Can you log in to your Sync account here:

You can find the sync account password and the sync (recovery) key in the password manager on computers where a sync account with a specific e-mail address has been set up.

  • Tools > Options > Security: Passwords: "Saved Passwords" > "Show Passwords"

Look for:

  • chrome://weave (Mozilla Services Password)
  • chrome://weave (Mozilla Services Encryption Passphrase)

I'm on a Mac, so I checked Firefox -> Preferences -> Security -> Saved Password, no weave in them. Thanks, Dave