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Printer will not print coupons from Printer will print other sites.

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I have Windows XP. I have heard other people have problems with using firefox to print coupons from Printer is working find for all other sites.

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If you are using Menu>Print>Print Preview and a preview of the page to be rendered is being given, then the issue is not with Firefox.

If the Print Preview fails, it possible FF is to blame, but very unlikely.

Installed Plugins Coupons, Inc. Coupon Printer Plugin
Coupons, Inc. Coupon Printer DLL

The Coupon Printer plugin is more than likely the problem.

Hi Tony,

Please make sure that you have the coupon printer installed and enabled in your web browser. If you're running antivirus software, please try pausing, temporarily disabling, or configuring the AV software so that it is not blocking your ability to print.

Thanks, Greg Coupons_Support

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Hi Greg,

I have previously asked that you do not encourage email contact. If the thread subject is on topic, then the discussion should be in the thread. (I doubt solutions would need to involve financial /confidential information)

This subject is marginally borderline for this forum as to whether or not it is on topic. However my current opinion is because it is software that is used by Firefox users, who then post here with problems with the software it is on topic.

  • Information should be shared and discussed openly on the forum and not by private email otherwise only a single person benefits whereas hundreds or thousands may benefit from posts.*
  • do you not have a support site or support forum, or even a list of support answers that you are able to provide a link to ?
  • presumably you have official download sites with full contact information on them. Are you able to provide links to such sites please ?

As I have had a complaint about this thread and the fact it has the email address. And as I am unable to immediately verify it myself as an official support address I have edited your post so that it no longer displays the email address.

(One of the forum moderators)


Our forum Guidelines and moderation rules are currently being reviewed and will in due course be modified so the above advice may be subject to change.

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Hi John99,

Thanks for your email. I am trying to stay within the forum guidelines and appreciate your comments. We do not charge for customer service or technical support. To print coupons from our site, it is necessary that the coupon printer be installed on the computer, enabled in the browser and that antivirus software not be blocking the coupon from printing. We have help FAQs located at and there is also an install page with information at Because the steps involved with installation and making sure it's enabled in the browser sometimes seem difficult for our consumers, many times I just suggested they contact me directly with their contact information so that I can connect with them and walk them through the process. But I certainly see your point and will try to make sure the steps get spelled out in the posts without including an email address. Is it okay if I include links to the FAQs and installation page above?

Please let me know and thanks!

Greg Customer Support, Incorporated

I have been able to download coupons if I use Chrome - not sure what the problem is with FF


Have you read the posts above and followed the support links relating to the coupons plugin.

Have tried everything listed still will not print in FF - my IE8 does not work - and Chrome does print!!! Thanks for your help

Printing has probably never been a strong point of Firefox.

Maybe you would like to say

  • what troubleshooting advice have you followed and what steps did you take
  • does Firefox print ordinary web pages ok, such as the one we are on ?
  • are you able to print pdf s ok from Firefox ?
  • you may need to think about disabling the built-in pdf viewer

Not wishing to drift off topic, we are not able to offer Internet Explorer support here, but IE is pretty much essential to Windows normally. Are you saying IE is not working at all, or only that it is not printing, or not printing coupons.

John99 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Thanks again for the reply - yes everything prints - except coupons - which as I mentioned is installed and can print from Chrome - the help for FF said to add a plug-in - could not find any - just another thing when I was checking to see if plug-ins were up to date - link said Java was disabled need to down load new version - could not do that - As far as IE - I know you have nothing to with it - but not much help from Microsoft - It starts up and cannot do anything!!!!

Possibly it uses Java but see

Or maybe it uses Javascript. If you can see and use the formatting icons on this forum that you use for instance to give [B]old text etc. you will have javascript enabled.

You are having problems with Coupon printing have you looked at their support information yet ?

  • Did that help and what did you try ?

I am having the same issue, although after reading this thread I opened IE and was able to print. I tried disabling AdBlock, not blocking pop ups and disabling my Ghostery add-on since it was new. None of the usual tricks worked and I did used to be able to print from Firefox. I don't use these coupon printers often so I am unsure if it was before or after reinstalling my operating system and everything else which I'm assuming changed a setting I previously had. Anyway, thought I'd chime in since it's annoying to go to a separate browser just for printing coupons.

I, too, have this problem. It was working until I upgraded to FF v21. After upgrading to FF v21, asked me to download and install the "coupon printer." I did so (twice), but the plugin does not appear in the FF plugins list. So there is a disconnect between the installer and FF, and I don't know if it's's installer or FF, but it just isn't getting into the FF add-in list. There is a printer add-on in my IE add-on list.

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Hi Vknowles,

Try reading and following the instructions in this forum response:

Thanks, Coupons Support

Locking this older thread as the Firefox 21 release presented a new problem for this coupon printer add-on.