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Sync says it is sending me a password reset but I never receive it

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I have never had Sync work on a consistent basis for me. I am trying yet again to start from scratch to make it work right.

I asked for Sync online to email a password reset, and it says that it sent the password reset, but I never recieve the email. I know I am not inputting my email address incorrectly.

I also tried a different email address and Sync correctly rejects the email address as not having a Sync account.

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the-edmeister மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Sorry, the password reset email notification system has been down for the last 3 or 4 days. A bug report has been filed and they're working on fixing it.

Thanks for the news.

I really wish that Sync was more user friendly ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE TO RESET THE SYNC SET UP YOU ALREADY HAD.

The key thing is very confusing.

I would have like to just quickly blow my old data and start over, but even that did not work.

The Sync Key / Recovery Key is the "encryption algorithm" for your data when your data is "off" your devices traveling to and from the Sync server, and while on the Sync server. A person would need to have your Sync Key to be able to de-scramble your data.

To "start over" it might be easier to just use another email address to create an all new account

Yes I understand that using another email address would help solve the problem, but I am already on my second email address. I just don't want to keep using up my email addresses. They get tied up in this system, then I can't use them anymore.

This is very frustrating.

I would bet anything that people are just giving up on Sync without complaining. Someone just needs to look at the UI of the Sync Tab so that it provides people with enough guidance to take the steps need to solve their Sync set up problems. FIrst get the email password reset garbage taken care of .

Did you try to delete that sync account and recreate a new account with that same email or try to reset the sync key as that also resets the data stored on the sync server?

It does not appear to be away to delete the account to a point were you can start fresh and create a new account with the same email address. Did not matter how many times I reset the Sync key, it would always reject the sync key.

My first problem was how Sync online would never send me a password reset. It would say it did then never send it.

If you haven't confirmed a new password then your old password should still work and you should be able to delete that sync account via the link that I posted above.

Resetting the password for a sync account doesn't fix any problems with that sync account.
To achieve that you will at least have to generate a new sync key to reset all data stored on the sync server.

MrPisces, I just double checked with some people at Mozilla and they have said it is now fixed. They never said why it broke in the first place or how they fixed it so I'll just have to guess it was a issue with their servers.

The fix I was told was finished at 2:45pm Central time. So if anyone can try to reset their password now, it should work. I've seen a few people say they are now getting their emails.

Its been a big disappointment.

Thanks for the heads up

They need to improve the UI for users when they have to reset up their sync. The key system makes sense only if it works and you understand how it works. This password reset issue only made it harder.

A case could be made for them to outsource the sync function to developers like SpiderOak, then have subscription otherwise people might as well use Xmark who seem like the only reliable choice.

I'm having this exact same problem. I'm trying to sync my iPhone browser to Firefox but forgot my password. So I went on my computer and asked for Firefox to send me a password reset email. I have done this several times over the past few months and have NEVER received said email. But I do get any other email requested from Mozilla. And there is no option to delete this account and start fresh. I would really like to sync my phone to my Firefox. Any help is appreciated.

Somehow I managed to delete my existing account and open a new one today using the same email address. It would not allow me to open a new account until I took some final non-intuitive step, I think it was Unlink This Device from a popup window.

Firefox Sync feels like is intentionally designed poorly and that the Foundation does not care to address the problems that people encounter. I ended resorting to an new email address, but even that was a temporary solution. I have a desktop that sometimes does not get used for days at a time. I wanted to keep it up to date with Sync, but if I don't Sync for a few weeks, it won't work and forces me to start over again. I wish they would call this feature BETA

I completely agree that sync behaves like Beta or earlier software. Yesterday I found that half my top level folders acquired 2 duplicates of every bookmark and subfolder, more than doubling the size of already large bookmark files. Apparently the only add-on that could remove duplicates has been taken down, no longer available. I have now deleted my sync account and unlinked all computers from it.

From a privacy/security point of view, I like what FF is trying to do here. As far as I know, it is the only free bookmark cloud service that claims to never look at your data. But I won't go near it for at least another few months unless they announce some major improvements.

MarkF2748 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

im givin up now screw mozzila im goin chrome

i had the same same problem evey bodys havin i deleted my accout cause thoought said thats whet you should do .... hey i might of read it wrong i was alittle pissed that didnt work it just you should be able to delete and ster over agin by the way thes posts are lookin thats the main problem it sound like it to me its got alot of bugs and cliches it should of stayd in the the tsteing stage either way ill be waiting for it to come back out id like to get it then fire fox from mozlla kicks ass with all there stuff ill stay loyal thanks guys sloman

After almost 4 months I tried to reset my sync account again. Once again I was told that a reset code was sent and once again no reset code was sent.

Seems like this is broken again. Have tried to reset password for past 3 days, and I never see an email (yes, have checked all spam folders, etc).

Is someone looking at this?

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