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Why won't Firefox COMPLETELY block video autoplay?

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After following all the suggestions found by searching video autoplay, Firefox currently still autoplays videos with the sound muted. This is in websites other than those like YouTube, such as news websites and the like. What I REALLY want is to COMPLETELY PREVENT automatic playback of any of these videos, and if necessary, whitelist domains like YouTube to allow autoplay. Is this even feasible?

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I am running Firefox 68.0.2 64-bit on a Win7 Pro 64-bit system. Webroot SecureAnywhere v9.0.26.61 is my antivirus. uBlock Origin is the ad blocker addon in operation.

If I go to the Bloomberg URL I provided, I see stock ticker data for a French company AND a video is playing. With sound muted. My complaint is that the video is playing. I would prefer it to be paused until I unpause it.

I get that the current version of Firefox will not prevent the playing of muted video on its own. It is not how I would have designed it, but it is what it is. If any Mozilla developers are watching this thread, please file this as a request for a future revision: Do not allow non-whitelisted websites (or domains) from playing video, muted or otherwise, without authorization.

Thank you.

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you can download extensions for firefox.

that blocks auto play videos.

for auto playing i am not sure of....

to allow auto play you have to install a extension.

by the way is this for android or pc?

i looked in the settings seems like there is no whitelisting auto play domains but you will have to go to maybe the video plug in settings.

Thank you for your replies. Installing more addons is not what I want to do. If it isn't possible natively, then so be it. To me, it seems logical to have that ability in addition to just disabling audio. Maybe today, huge bandwidths are taken for granted. I grew up when every byte of download bandwidth was efficiently used and having continuous unwanted video downloading in the background is just wrong to me.

oh.... it may be a virus then if it downloads unwanted videos.

maybe you should try installing a antivirus software and scan your computer. how to do it: open a browser and download ahnlab v3 lite. you can get it from the website. for that website it will have a english translation for this site. and scan it and let me know the results.

just a question: have you ever downloaded something malicious program or a file of some sort? here is the link for the v3 antivirus software

No, it's not a virus or anything like that. I DO have antivirus software running. Always have.

Here is a prime example of what I am talking about:

just in case try to scan

with your software....

a question: do you have ad block installed for your firefox browser?

sometimes other ad block extensions break the site. so i recommend adblock for firefox.

if you have adblock installled, you can white list the domain in the ad block settings. some ad blocks i used in my experience, breaks the site.

sorry i am new. i am trying to find a cause of your problem sorry if i am asking too many questions.

i am using firefox and the link you sent me, it displays fine on my Firefox browser. it might be some kind of adware or some sort. here is a tip: always have firewall on.( for if it downloads a video in the background without permission .

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i use Firefox and it never had a problem.

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