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the back button doesn't work for some websites after downloading version 4.0

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I recently downloaded firefox version 4.0. Upon downloading it I had a few issues occur with my browser. One issue was that all of my bookmarks that were on my toolbar disappeared. Also, when I visit a website and am browsing through it, if I want to go back to a previous page the back button doesn't work properly. Instead of sending me back to the previous page I was viewing it sends me all the way back to the home page or wherever I started on that website. This problem basically affects all websites that I visit. I would like to uninstall the new version of firefox and just go back to my old one if that's possible? Thanks

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To respond to your comments first of all, the Bookmarks toolbar has been removed in Firefox 4.0

The back button should work as it normally does, but you can also right click it and select it from the list.

To revert to a previous version of Firefox, download v3.6.16 from here: Download Firefox v3.6.16

Then uninstall Mozilla Firefox 4.0 choosing to keep your bookmarks, customizations etc.

Finally run the Firefox installation file you downloaded earlier.