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Slow loading pages even with a fresh FF install and fresh Profile

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Hi, I been having this issues with FF for months now, had to switch to Google Chrome

Pages takes a while to load, transferring data, waiting for website, connecting, while in Google Chrome and other browsers it connect to websites and load pages a lot faster

for the past few months that I have had this issues I tried Resting or installing a fresh copy of FireFox (with new profile), tried to run it without any add-ons, reinstalled windows several times (win7, 8.1, and Win 10 Technical preview "all 64bit") and I even bought a new internet router during that time

tried pipelining configuration in "about:config" nothing fixed the issues, and not certain websites but all the websites I visit, and I finally thought about finding help here because I prefer using FireFox, thank you in advance.

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duplicate question, please continue : https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1055828

thank you