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Why the difference between the Extension list and the Plug-in list

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On my Extension list I can see -

Java Console 6.0.22 Enable Java Console 6.0.23 Enable Java Console 6.0.24 Enable Java Console 6.0.25 Disable

The old versions have been disabled.

On the Plug-in list I can see -

Java Deplyment Toolkit Java Platform SE 6 U25

If I check via the Control Panel I appear to have only

Java 6 Update 25 installed.

Why the discrepancy?

Why do I still see references to older versions, and presumably not on the computer any more, shown on the Extensions list?

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Java doesn't cleanup after itself when it updates to a new version. I get around the "accumulation" of Java Console extensions by not doing an update; I uninstall the older version and install the new version when a new version becomes available.

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That link was most helpful. Opening FireFox as an Admin, something I had never thought of, allowed me to remove the dead wood from the 'Extensions' display.

Previously, the only way I could be certain exactly what was actually available was by visiting Control Panel ... Programs and Features

Thanks to both of you for your interest.