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Save Image As, is broken, saves to random last folder

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Save Image As, in version 10 and recent versions of Firefox it saves to a last random folder instead of being consistent with the Download Settings in Options. Since version 9 I hate Firefox as I have to navigate select the last folder where I downloaded an image on every new image.

Save Image As must save to last used folder as that is the setting I have in Tools, Options, General, Always Ask Me Where to Save File, and the question must always prompt with the last used folder (instead of some other folder used in the past).

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Hi altarcia,

You should look at the article How to fix preferences that won't save. It might be that this preference is not being respected by Firefox. It could be a corrupt pref.js file.

Hopefully this helps!

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Current Firefox versions remember the download directory based upon the URL, so if the URL changes then the default folder may be chosen if there hasn't been selected a download folder before for that server.

  • Bug 536503 - Last downloaded-to directory should be remembered on a site-by-site basis

Firefox 11 will have a workaround by providing a pref (browser.download.lastDir.savePerSite) to disable this feature.

  • Bug 702748 - Use a pref for disabling per-site remembering of download directory

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