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divx and other media related plugins always crash and/or no longer work, please help

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Why is nothing of divx seems to work anymore? Every time i try to watch a video online using a divx site or site that uses a divx player, i get the message "divx plus web player pluging has cashed, send crash report" I send it - then am offered the option to reload the page once reloaded a press play the player then says connecting and then crashes again!!! FF this is ridiculas!! None of the divx plugins are recognised anymore and the divx web player add on is marked as incompatible, and there is not an option to enable it! When i click on the bold textmore bold textoption all that apears is the link to website where you download the exact same up to date version that you already have. im using windows vista home basic 32-bit operating system, & the new version of firefox. Its really annoying that these extensions and plugins no longer work crash and/or are no longer recognised espcially considering firefox insisted we upgrade for security issue etc and that 3.6 wont be kept up to date any more, I want reinstall the 3.6 version but am worried about security issues now. will the divx plugin and addon/extension be added to this new version anytime soon if not what can i do to enable me to watch videos without the plugin crashing ? (i have updated all the pluggins but the problem still occurs) ?

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I am having the same problems as well. Every time I turned around there was a new version of Firefox 8.0. Prior to the constant updating of Firefox I was able to watch movies from Stagevu and Veehd and now because of the new Firefox I cannot watch any movies. I also tried the VLC plugin and that constantly crashes as well as the DivX Web Player. I read so many complaints and no one from Firefox or any of the other browser is giving any of their constituents or customers whatever you want to call us any solutions to the problem and I am beginning to get a little frustrated. I have tried all of the other browsers like the Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and I still come up with the same problem.