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How do I downgrade from firefox 9 to firefox 8 and leave the beta update channel?

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How can I leave the beta update channel? And downgrade from Firefox 9 to Firefox 8? I mis the update of my add-ons.

How can I leave the beta update channel? And downgrade from Firefox 9 to Firefox 8? I mis the update of my add-ons.

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get release version from here

simply download and run

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Installing a previous version of Firefox

for 8.0.1 version:


thank you

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Try this link to all previus releases:

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I read this and several other Forums about people wanting to leave the beta channel because they were getting updates which were not always compatible with previous versions and their add-ons etc.

Initially I went to Tools > Options>Advanced>Update and unchecked the Firefox box.

Then I found my Laptop was not on the beta channel and the download was for Firefox for Yahoo UK & Ireland (yahoogb). I then went to my PC, located Firefox for UK & Ireland and found a download which was Firefox optimised for Yahoo. I downloaded Version 8 which was on offer then did an update check which downloaded a Version 9 - which was on the release channel. Beta been sucessfully demolished!!

So - if you are in Great Britain there at least is a way to get out of the beta channel.

Happy New Year one and all.

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kpcalling, the easiest way to get back on the release channel is to install the current stable release which in this case is 9.0.1. Say from www.mozilla.com

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Mozilla has moved most sites to the mozilla.org domain, so you will be redirected to http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

You can find the latest Firefox release here:

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I know, just easier to type out www.mozilla.com versus http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/