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Why are some of my bookmarks and folders separated from the others by two horizontal lines near the bottom of my list of bookmarks and folders and how can I move them back with the other bookmark folders so they will be located alphabetically?

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I have attempted to move these orphan bookmarks and folders to where all of my other bookmarks are listed and sort them alphabetically but they just end up back below the two horizontal lines near the end of my bookmarks list. I've explained it as well as I'm able in the initial posted question but essentially I've got some bookmarks and folders that are separate from, and not integrated with, the majority of my bookmark folders and I am unable to move them out of this no-man's land. Why are they separated and how can I move them to be part of my regular alphabetized list of bookmark folders? I'm using Windows XP and Firefox 5.0.

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Are that bookmarks that you have imported from another browser?

A possible cause is a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.