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How to get rid of entire Yahoo toolbar; it got in after Firefox 4

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After I installed Firefox 4, I got some sort of message asking if I want yahoo as home page (I think that's the way it went). I accidentally clicked on the wrong thing. I still have the same screen that I always had & wanted come up when I boot up, but now I have, just beneath t he bar with the back/forward buttons and the address bar and google search bar, a full bar across of yahoo stuff. It messes me up because, when I'm in yahoo email, it opens a nuisance window that won't go away.

How do I delete the yahoo tool bar invasion and get rid of its invasive, nuisance windows? I don't want any of it on my screen. I've gone to yahoo all along via my bookmarks, and that's all I want. Also don't need the word "yahoo" in my firebox bar (the one that has file-edit-view-history-bookmarks-tools-help).

Please put your reply in simple, low-tech terms. Thank you.

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I just figured out how to remove it. Go to the Tools menu and select add-ons. Click on extensions, locate Yahoo Toolbar in the list, and off to the right, you can click on "Disable" or "Remove." I disabled, restarted Firefox 4.0, and bingo, no annoying Yahoo toolbar. Hope this helps!

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Thank you, SusiMCA. A few days ago I came across a post from someone else who recommended what you discovered. Now I have to go back in to see if it works to clear out the Firefox toolbar that sometimes appears across the bottom of the screen. Grrr. It must be a character flaw in me that prevents me from wanting dozens of ways into the same websites.

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You can also get rid of this annoying toolbar by right-clicking along the top of the screen (to the right of the tabs), and de-selecting "Yahoo! Toolbar".