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Back button doesn't appear after going to a new web page but works from after that

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The back button and refresh button don't work when I start browsing in a new tab or a new window. For example, if I open a webpage in a new tab (or start a new session, etc):

Open browser and go to mozilla.com (first web page) Click on any link (second web page) Can't click on back or refresh buttons (Greyed out) Click on any link again (third web page) Can click on back button to second web page but still won't go back to first web page (as if history of ever visiting the first web page isn't there)

Does anyone have a similar problem or know how to solve it?

I have also noticed that Firefox hangs sometimes, like when clicking on forget/delete this from history and disable/remove add-ons


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I had this same annoying problem until I disabled the McAfee SiteAdvisor in the add-ons options in the TOOLS menu of the browser. I hope this work for you people.

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im not sure but maybe this helps. I was opening links with right mouse button at FF3.6 and second option was open in new tab but at FF4 this option at first order. If you use same way as like me. your new tabs are new windows so there is no back option or refresh.