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I m fine with all other websites, but you blocked me from getting in IMVU.

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I tried to get in IMVU over 50 times. I got IMVU from the list, but as soon as I click on IMVU. Then this screen claimed that there might be spelling problems or connections. Why is that only IMVU, I can t get in ?????????????????. I have no problems with any other websites.

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Hello Eddy.

I can access it just fine from my end. It's possible that you are having a problem with some Firefox add-on that is hindering your Firefox's normal behavior. Have you tried disabling all add-ons (just to check), to see if Firefox goes back to normal?

Whenever you have a problem with Firefox, whatever it is, you should make sure it's not caused by one (or more than one) of your installed add-ons, be it an extension, a theme or a plugin. To do that easily and cleanly, run Firefox in safe mode (don't forget to select Disable all add-ons when you start safe mode). If the problem disappears, you know it's from an add-on. Disable them all in normal mode, and enable them one at a time until you find the source of the problem. See this article for information about troubleshooting extensions and themes and this one for plugins.

If you need support for one of your add-ons, you'll have to contact its author.

If the problem is not disappears when all add-ons are disabled, please tell me, so we can work from there. Please have no fear of following my instructions to the line, as all can be easily undone.