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Task manager shows multiple Firefox sessions - but only 2 actual Firefox 'widows' open

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I had Firefox crash a few times, lost some windows, but FF saved two windows it seems. So, I started using FF, but have noticed a few odd problems that I cannot control. For example, some new tabs seem to never open after I click on 'Open in new tab'.

Another example, I can delete tabs, but when I close FF, and reopen FF, the tabs 'come back'!

One thing I've noticed is that Windows TASK MANAGER shows several FF windows, but I really only have 2 active FF windows (see image attached).

I've tried to perform and END TASK on some of the FF processes in TASK MANAGER, and then end FF, but the processes I ENDED, come back anyways on FF restart.

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Forgot to mention - I can open CHROME browser, and then open a FF forum page - but when I copy/paste the URL from CHROME, into FF browser, and then do a PASTE & GO - that page will not open in FF. It just shows an empty page with the little circling thingy.

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It is quite normal to see at least four or five Firefox processes running because there are several processor threads used for various components.

  • one process for the main Firefox thread (user interface)
  • one or more content processes, see:
    Options/Preferences -> General -> Performance
    remove checkmark: [ ] "Use recommended performance settings"
  • one process for the compositor thread
  • one process for the WebRender when this feature is enabled

More processes may be present for other features like extensions.

You can find the current multi-process state on the Troubleshooting Information page (about:support).

  • "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" -> "Application Basics":
    Multiprocess Windows
    Remote Processes

See also the Remote Processes section further down for more detail.

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Thanks for that feedback. I did not realize. I thought the 'extra' processes were failed attempt for FF at opening my lost windows. I suppose I may have messed up something by ENDING those TASKS?

Do you have any idea why the tabs I delete just come back after I restart FF?

Or why I get that page with the 'spinning arrow' when I tried to login to FF from my FF browser, while I can login from my Chrome browser?