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Views in bookmarks does not work properly!

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  • Paskiausią atsakymą parašė clangerx

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When I set 'Sort' to 'by added' it goes to 'Z to A' and 'by added' and I cannot change it, when I open bookmarks again it has all reverted to oldest at the top......frustrating......any help much appreciated.

Chosen solution

Hi ClangerX, new bookmarks are always added at the end of the list, whether you accumulate them in Other Bookmarks or direct Firefox to save them in a specific folder. That's the native physical order I was referring to.

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The changes you make in the Library window using the View menu are temporary, but let's walk through it just to review how it works.

First, in order to sort by Added, you definitely will want to display the Added column. If you don't see that column, you can use either:

  • View menu > Show columns > click Added
  • right-click any column heading > click Added

Then the fastest way to sort by a particular column is to click its heading. If you click it again, the order should reverse.

When you close the Library window and re-open it, the list returns to its native (physical) order.

If you want to re-order the bookmarks in a persistent way that will show not just in the Library but on the actual menu or toolbar, then you may need an add-on:

  • Sort by Name (A-Z) is built-in
  • Anything else: you need to use an add-on.

Here's one, for example:

One other thing I want to mention is the Recently Bookmarked list. Firefox generates this list by searching across all of your bookmark folders. It is displayed on the Library menu, either:

  • "3-bar" menu button > Library > Bookmarks
  • Library toolbar button > Bookmarks

If you just need to open a particular recently bookmarked page, that would be faster than going over to the Library window.

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Hi Jascher2000,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Please can you explain what you mean by 'native physical order'? 

What I want to do is to have my bookmarks ordered so that the last one I bookmarked is at the top of the list and all are in descending order. I understand you to say that this is not possible in Firefox now because the change I am trying to make will always be temporary unless I get an add-on. The Added column is ticked. At the moment Sort by name ( A to Z ) does not seem to work and ( Z to A ) does work properly but as you say it reverts to 'native physical order' hence my question.

Please understand that I am on the autistic spectrum.

Is it perhaps something to do with Windows 10 and their Libraries system? Thank you for your help, ClangerX.

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Chosen Solution

Hi ClangerX, new bookmarks are always added at the end of the list, whether you accumulate them in Other Bookmarks or direct Firefox to save them in a specific folder. That's the native physical order I was referring to.

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Thank you for your help, Kind regards, ClangerX.

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If you would want to appear the bookmarks sorted permanently with the newest on top then you need to use another way to add a new bookmark and that is to drag the Tab to the desired folder and drop it at the top position instead of clicking the star on the Navigation Toolbar. If you want the bookmark in a folder on the Bookmarks Toolbar then this is fairly easy. For the Bookmarks Menu folder you need to have the sidebar open and drop it in this folder or have the Menu bar visible and drag the Tab to the Bookmarks menu. Firefox 69 has a bug that you can't drag a Tab to the "Show your bookmarks" (star on a tray) button as that won't open the drop-down list.

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Hi cor-el, Thank you for your answer to my problem....I need to become more familiar with the different folder's and libraries, etc;......everything used to be quite straightforward but I must admit to being a tad confused at times especially with Windows 10. Thanks once again, Kind regards,

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Hi cor-el, Further to the above...I have tried to do as you advise but it does not seem to thing though.....clicking the bookmark star on the top bar sends the page to either the 'other bookmarks' or to 'bookmarks menu', whichever I nominate when the star menu drops down and they are always the correct way up ie; newest at the top and yet when I click 'show all bookmarks' at the bottom of the list the page opens with the list upside down, oldest first, which seems to be what Jascher2000 is saying..

It used to be so easy when you could just click 'ascending' or 'descending' in the 'view' sort box and it did what you asked it too, fixed permanently it is so complicated. 

Kind regards, ClangerX.