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Is there a key equiv to locate a folder if the URL is selected, and the folder is shown? E.g., in Address Book, if a name is selected an Option key pressed, all groups containing that name show as highlited.

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It is a bit arduous, roundabout, and time consuming to search for and enable a URL in the Firefox Library, then open the site, then click the STAR in the URL field to see where that URL exists in the Library.

The Apple Address Book (AB) uses a feature that would make locating a URL in the Library MUCH easier:

• Enter a word in the AB to find an address, and with the address showing, press Option key – Any/all Group(s) (folder(s)) containing that address show as highlighted until the Option key is released.

• Could the same/similar be done with Firefox?

I.e., use Find in the FF Lib, select any URL in the displayed list, press Option (or whatever key combo) to show the folders containing that URL.

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You can look at these extensions: