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How do I pin a Firefox URL link to the Windows 10 Start menu?

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So we have seen how to add a Pin to Windows 8 Start menu, but in Windows 10 you can right click on just about anything, and Pin to Start. But not with Web Site Shortcuts.

I have tried creating the shortcut to a web page, and rightclick but it's not there. I've also tried dragging, but it won't.

So how do you pin a Firefox opened web page, to the Start menu of Windows 10?

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I have had a look into this and have tied it myself - I think I have a solution for you.

  1. In Firefox, select the web address (URL) and either right-click and select Copy or Ctrl+C.
  2. Go to the Windows 10 desktop and right-click. Select New, then Shortcut.
  3. In the location box, either right-click and select Paste or Ctrl+V to paste the web address you want.
  4. Click Next, choose a name and select Finish.
  5. Drag the new icon the Windows logo into the bottom left of the screen to add it to the start menu (a hint will appear).

I hope this helps, but if not please come back here and we can look into a different solution for you.