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Browser history wiped out after firefox crash

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Firefox has been crashing a lot lately and each time my browser history is completely wiped out. I need help recovering it, please anyone can help?

Firefox has been crashing a lot lately and each time my browser history is completely wiped out. I need help recovering it, please anyone can help?

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I am sorry to hear that Firefox for Android is crashing. I hope that we can help resolve this for you. Before following the steps below, please make sure that you have updated both your Android device and Firefox for Android to the latest versions available.

As a first step, close down many of the tabs that you have open to as few as possible. Does this help reduce the incidence of a crash?

If this does not resolve the issue, open the Android Settings app, select Applications then find Firefox in the list. In the section headed "Storage", selct the option to clear the cache (do not clear data!). Does this help?

Failing that, our developers will need to look into this in more detail with some logs from inside your copy of Firefox for Android. Type about:crashes in the address bar which will display information about recent crashes. If you select the most recent "Socorro" link, a crash report will open in a new tab. If you could copy and paste the address of the page that opens into a reply to this thread, we will be able to look into this further for you.

I hope that this helps.

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I've tried closing tabs but it doesn't work. Firefox keeps crashing and I lose all my history. This problem is on my Windows PC so I can't seem to clear the cache files.

This is the most recent crash report. It's happening more often now so I really really hope a solution will be found.

Report ID Date Submitted bp-11db9765-25e2-4d75-b94c-970a20230724 7/24/2023, 3:07 PM View bp-74c4a0d4-6904-415f-9a14-9db720230602 6/2/2023, 12:43 PM View bp-3a6b2611-7010-4bf5-83ad-e1c7c0230601 6/2/2023, 12:09 AM View bp-1b74fb60-1ace-4dfb-b7cc-608af0230514 5/14/2023, 2:24 PM View bp-bbe0cbc8-e64c-4bda-af81-3b7e60230406 4/6/2023, 10:05 AM View bp-0261a2d6-1ceb-4566-b96a-f2ca20230207 2/7/2023, 12:17 PM View bp-3798101c-dfc4-411b-b263-bfeb30220710 7/10/2022, 9:56 PM View bp-2f70ab7a-eebe-40b2-b23d-c16fc0220509 5/9/2022, 9:17 AM View bp-fd275734-e163-48d4-95f9-7ffd10230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-672d4cbc-c48e-41a6-a712-d2d490230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-9e8b3514-fc50-4fb9-9adf-3a11b0230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-397b5063-a430-40e3-8beb-b265a0230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-b10165fe-b488-453d-a106-9e2970230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-f96d1442-209a-49c2-bb37-c775c0230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-b5d4af13-0264-4da8-a282-230170230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-f313ccf0-cdeb-4450-9aba-518c80230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-2b8423ba-bb57-4efe-aebf-d8cc60230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-7c91c16f-9994-4d5e-aa75-077370230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-49231b39-3909-4430-a0fb-40b700230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-2b8de209-8186-4899-be57-3bbf40230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-08d0d287-3ab1-4e1e-8694-062970230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-5e1fbcfc-7305-47e5-b9f3-982ce0230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-9760387c-7f5f-48a5-8d3f-525720230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-20050f8b-d0d1-4f8b-ba61-a9c160230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-6de1178f-db97-4a3c-8d25-407310230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-ffb9d6cc-d433-4811-b9aa-145ba0230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-074108b6-2463-4265-bec6-2ff560230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-b5bd0f1e-f026-4442-9b53-6b7df0230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-6e2e6c35-8b1b-41fb-958a-5dff10230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-00cd2ca2-696c-4138-83eb-b7ea30230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-08394f4f-bb2f-4ee0-b4dd-29d890230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View bp-b5c6dd70-1563-4082-b1b4-a9d200230804 8/4/2023, 11:05 AM View