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Firefox 14.01 and Flash 11.3 Issues

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I was previously having problems with Firefox 13 (forget which version specifically) after it updated with using Flash as many others were. I was excited to see that a v. 14 is now out and updated hoping it would solve my issues, but I am still having trouble. I feel confident it is an issue with Flash; I have gone through and individually disabled and re-enabled add-ons, and can use Firefox fine when Flash is disabled, and everyone goes down hill once re-enabled.

In general, my issues are that Gmail, Facebook, and many other websites won't load when Flash is enabled. They will start to open, get stuck, and the Firefox completely freezes. Turning off the add-on fixes all of this, and turning it back on brings it back.

I have Windows Vista as my O/S.

Any suggestions for further troubleshooting? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Firefox and Flash.

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Flash Player 11.4 is now released. It includes fixes for many issues as well as a security update (see Adobe's Announcement and the release notes for details.)

You can use the links in this article to download and install Flash 11.4

For anyone who may have disabled protected mode in Flash 11.3 and is now updating to Flash 11.4, you should re-edit the mms.cfg file to remove the ProtectedMode=0 line (reference) to see if the problems are now resolved.

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(In reply to John99, who wrote: It is interesting to note that editing the .cfg file enables changing the updating behaviour of Flash.)

You can also change update behavior within the Flash Player UI (which in turn will update the mms.cfg file), either

  • from the prompt you get after downloading and running the latest Flash Player installer , or,
  • by opening the Flash Player Settings Manager. On Windows, you do that from the Control Panel -> Flash Player (32-bit) -> Advanced tab.


The selected update method is stored in the mms.cfg configuration file and will therefore apply to all users on the computer. If you wish to deploy a particular update method to multiple computers on your network, you can create an mms.cfg file and deploy it to your network. For more information on the mms.cfg configuration file and other administrator guidelines, refer to the Adobe Flash Player Administration Guide.

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