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Hello..............when I open a new Firefox browser tab, I see the heading Top Sites and a selection of eight links, most of them to the websites that I use frequently.

Needing 12 rather than eight, I found the facility to select a second row. But the second row also has eight links and some of them are not wanted.

Please tell me how I can select 12 links and stop at that number. If I right click the three dots in the top right corner of one of the unwanted links and then select Dismiss, another unwanted link replaces it.

I know this is a simple problem but it has defeated me. Please help.

And thank you..................Richard

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Hello there,

Unfortunately, there isn't a way for Firefox to show only 12 links or show specify links as every time a site is browsed, a suggestion will be put into Top Sites.

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Thank you for answering my question - much appreciated. It seems as though I could not have done any more.

Clearly there is a design weakness in this part of the browser. I hope that someone at Firefox will take notice and correct the fault..........but I won't hold my breath!

Thanks again..............Richard

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