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Flashplayer is gone, and can't see images on Facebook HELP?

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I'm NOT a computer geek. All I know is that Flashplayer is no longer supported, and I can't figure out how to upgrade HTML5.3, or how to download it, and everything I have read is so technical that I can't understand it. Can someone PLEASE make it simple to understand for the average elderly person just wanting to enjoy using groups and marketplace on Facebook? I'm sick of not being able to see the images that other people upload. Yeah, you probably think I'm stupid. I am not stupid, but I never learned computer programing...I only learned how to pull up a browser and work in Microsoft Word! Why does everyone have to explain everything in such technical terms, and why can't somebody just provide a link to download HTML5.3? Why is that so hard? I'm on Windows 10 (which I hate!) and I finally removed Google Chrome, and I am currently using Mozilla Firefox and I'm afraid if I upgrade/update it, nothing will work. It seems 2020 not only killed millions of people, it's screwing with people trying to use the internet too!

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