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trailing slah are added at the end of mime link

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Hello, I'm using Firefox 81.0.2 on Ubuntu 20.04. I have a local html page with link formatted link that : ssh://server.domain.com If I type in a terminal : xdg-open ssh:/server.domain.com No problem it works as intended, however in Firefox it doesnt if I use xdg-opn to open a link starting with ssh. I suspect it comes from the fact that meanwhile my links are written like that : <area shape="rect" coords="1428,438,1463,495" href="ssh://server.domain.com" alt="" onmouseover="showTooltip('n14')" onmouseout="hideTooltip()"> when putting my mouse over the link it appears in the bottom left corner as: ssh://server.domain.com/ That trailing slash is most likely the problem ssh:// mime shouldn't consider / to be anything more that a caracter and I don't blame xdg-open here, but why would firefox add a trailing slash to a link while it's not written in the html file in the first place ? Hope any one will have an answer.

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