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The new search bar is useless. I need the old one back, it was one of the best features of Firefox. Why is it ruined now?

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I used to abuse the old search bar like there was no tomorrow. I loved it. I think it was the soul of Firefox: it made everything so cool and easy. But somebody killed it. Fixed it when there was nothing to fix.

Hope people who are working on new versions read this: people want the old one back. If you used the old search bar very often like I did, the new one behaves totally differently and thus makes using it a total pain. I have no understanding for this kind of change, especially when I cannot change it back anymore.

Can somebody please point me to a working solution of how to get the old search box back? Showoneoffbuttons tweak in about:config doesn´t work anymore, Classic theme restorer doesn´t work either. I am getting sick and tired and I need help.

Until some awesome person points me to a solution and I have showered them with praises and love (I am not being sarcastic, I am just stumped and any help is greatly appreciated), I downgrade Firefox into pre-Christ version and hope my virus program is up to the task.

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Hi juho.taskila, do you mean the short search bar that was made optional in Firefox 57?

Could you be more specific about the changes you see in the latest update?

That bar changed from a list of names to rows of icons in Firefox 34. If you have been using style rules in a userChrome.css file to switch it back, you may need to update your rules.

Is that the issue? Were you using rules from my page over here? I updated them for Firefox 69, but don't know if further updates are needed for Firefox 70. Let me know what part isn't right: