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Why does Firefox not have the DUPLICATE TAB option?!

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I use Chrome any time I do research online because browsing is that much more fluid. It's 2017 guys- can we get this?

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I recommend that you have a look at this add-on that may help with this issue. There is also this one that is expected to be compatible with the next full release of Firefox.

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It is not too difficult to duplicate a tab in Firefox.

  • hold Ctrl (Mac: Command) and left-click or middle-click the Reload button in the location/address bar to open the current page in a new tab (i.e. duplicate the current tab)
  • hold Ctrl (Mac: Command) and left-click or middle-click items in the tab history of the back/forward buttons to open a page from that list in a new tab
    You can hold down the left mouse button on either Back or Forward button to open the tab history
  • duplicate a tab with its history by holding down the Ctrl key (Mac: Option key) and dragging the tab to a new position on the Tab bar
  • dragging a tab in the browsing area will detach the tab and move it to a new window, this is called tab tearing
  • drag a tab back to the Tab bar in the original or anther window to undo a detach or move a tab to a specific window (an empty window is closed automatically)