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Firefox Sync Problem Unable To Sync Data In New Method

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hi i am unable to sync my data as i see that firefox has changed it is synchronization method and i am unable to recover my bookmarks,passwords etc

And i have my recover key too and my recovery key is x-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-usr39-y7eve just replaced the few digits with x terms

and according to this procedure ( https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-to-update-to-the-new-firefox-sync ) i just created a new account ( i.e using the old email address ) and logged in and found that no bookmarks,password etc has been synchronized kindly help me to recover my data

and when i logged into my account by going to https://account.services.mozilla.com and found that i am using " You are currently using 43263.4648438K " and the mail id which i used to create new account and old account is princevegetaonline@yahoo.com

thanks waiting for your answers and i hope i get my data back soon

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Using new sync method by about:accounts and it is now more simpler than ever. just use your old email id (which is used for sync)with password and click on sync.

Replay is there any problem that you have face !!

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Do you have another device that was using the same Sync account? If so, you need to "update" that installation per the support article that you hyperlinked. Your Firefox data may be restored to your Sync account, from that device. If you don't have another Firefox installation on that Sync account, unfortunately you weren't using Sync correctly and your data is gone from the Sync server due to creating a new account using the same Account Name / Email Address.

Not "rubbing it in", but i want to document this for any other users who might read this support thread.

If you had asked us about how to proceed with connecting to Sync using your Recovery Key (aka Sync Key), we would have recommended installing Firefox 28 to re-connect to your Sync account, to "sync" your data to that new PC or new Firefox installation. And then to update Firefox to the latest version and then update your Sync account. The Sync upgrade "system" was made to work in that manner, where the user was using Firefox (with personal data and an existing Sync account present) during the update procedure. Not to start from scratch with a new installation (with no data) AND to do the update at the same time.

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Thank you the-edmeister i just installed firefox 28 and then logged into the account i.e using princevegetaonline@yahoo.com with my password and recovery key everything went smoothly and all my data are synchronized thank you :)

1.Now how do i update to firefox 30 without losing any content 2.And again when i need to do a fresh install of my firefox i.e from scratch do i need to download firefox 28 and sync again with my recovery key