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why was the option to place tabs on the bottom discontinued?

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more options

seems silly to have to add the "Classic Theme Restorer" simply to change the tab location.

seems silly to have to add the "Classic Theme Restorer" simply to change the tab location.

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more options

You can use either of the following add-ons.

If you don't want to install an add-on, put the following style in the userChrome.css file and restart Firefox. You can use the Stylish add-on instead, if you have it installed.

@namespace url(http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul);
/* The above line should appear only once in the file */

#TabsToolbar { -moz-box-ordinal-group: 99 !important }

Also see

One of the developers recently posted this explanation

MikeDeboer said

Each setting you see in a computer program you use requires work; when a developer wants to build something new or improve something, he or she has to go through each related (hidden) setting and test if it still works like before and do that on each platform Firefox runs on. That's Apple's Mac OSX, various flavours of Linux and various flavours of Windows, including Windows XP. This costs time, lots of it, and that amount grows exponentially with each setting that's added. This comes on top of our work to continuously fix, improve and innovate Firefox. 

That's why we also removed the tabs.onTop preference. Awesome community members, who were unhappy about that change, created the Classic Theme Restorer add-on. They deserve our collective hugs.