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Flash does not load, error install_flashplayer11x32_mssa_aaa_aih_3.exe - Ordinal not found

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I need information about why Flash will not load and how to fix it. Flash gives an error on the screen: "install_flashplayer11x32_mssa_aaa_aih_3.exe - Ordinal not found. The ordinal 459 could not be located in the dynamic link library urlmon.dll" can you help as I would rather have Firefox than Chrome Please and don't want to have to work with both. I am working with windows 7, 32 bit version, Home Premium.

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"Something" wants to run the Flash installer. Are you actively downloading it yourself and then trying to run it and you get that error? Or are you visiting a page and this just happens?

I suggest trying to install or update Flash this way:

(1) Download from the following page, using Firefox, making sure to uncheck any unwanted extras:


(2) When the green download arrow lights up, click it, then click the folder icon on the right side to open the download location.

(3) A folder should open with that downloaded installer highlighted. Go ahead and double-click it to run it.

Note: if you are busy watching Flash videos at the time, the installer may have problems updating, so if it's possible to exit out of Firefox during the installation, you might want to do that.

Any luck?

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Sorry, after further research, this appears to be a problem with a file that is a component of Internet Explorer. The problem could be due to:

  • IE was "uninstalled" by removing it from the Windows Programs and Features list in the Control Panel (see previous link to reenable/reinstall it)

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You can use the System File Checker to check for missing and corrupted files.

Open a cmd.exe window as Administrator:

Start, click Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and choose "Run as administrator".

After the cmd.exe prompt, type: sfc.exe /scannow

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Sorry but I tried to download both from Firefox and manually, neither worked, error still came up and Flash did not load.

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The result was, " Windows resource protections did not find any integrity violations" Verification 100% complete. Sorry but no luck with this one either. Any other suggestions are most welcome.

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Installed Fix it, problem still there. Installed Explorer, problem still there, I just don't seem to be able to load Flash. Please help if you can, it would be very much appreciated, I really don't want to continue using two browsers. And, can I uninstall IE again now? Or will this cause more problems?

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Hi Kathy-Ann, don't uninstall IE. That is likely to create more problems. I suggest posting on the Microsoft forums and indicate the articles you already tried to see what they propose next.


It appears they require an account to post (e.g., Hotmail or Outlook.com mail account).