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FireFox 93.0 does not work sandboxed

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Given the increasing number and sophistication of threats, I prefer to do most of my work on the Web with the browser sandboxed, using Sandboxie+ (latest version).

FF 92.x worked fine with Sandboxie+.

FF 93.0 does not.

FF 93.0 sandboxed will not open sites, including National Weather Service ones, local TV stations news sites, national news sites (e.g. Huffington Post), or will take 10+ minutes to open the sites that it will open.

Again, 92.x did not have these problems.

I've looked at the Settings values, and see no difference between the ones I had in 92.x and the ones in 93.0.

The latest Chrome (ugh) version works fine sandboxed - opens sites w.o. problems.

Is there a fix?


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You can contact Sandboxie+ support if you have a problem with their product.


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The problem is with FireFox 93.0, not Sandboxie+

Both Chrome and MS Edge work fine sandboxed.


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You can check the timings in the Network Monitor to see if that gives a clue what state takes that much time.

This could also be a problem with the DNS lookup or other network settings.

  • Settings -> General -> Network: Connection -> Settings


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