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How do I change header/footer print options for font, font size, and color?

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I know how to change the text for web page print of footers/headers. I can see no option to change font, font color, or font size (such as available on IE). I want to change the font, font color and font size of the footer/header when I print a web page. I read the FAQs, found nothing that seems to fit. Can you assist? or is this option available on Mozilla. I have the latest/greatest version (set to auto update).

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Follow these directions:

  1. Go to Options
  2. Go to the Content tab
  3. In the fonts & colors section you can change font, size, and colors
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OK, my question was about how to change font/color in headers/footers... This suggestion changes the font/color in the text, but NOT in the footers, unless I want everything in the same font/color. I need footers/headers in RED BOLD. I can do this on IE, but there does not seem to be an option for Mozilla.

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You should consider contacting someone from Mozilla, but I am pretty sure that Firefox does not have that option.


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