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sound when starting Firefox

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When I'm starting Firefox I heard a sound, or music, like a video game


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It sounds exactly like the pacman game sound I get accessing Google on Firefox. Even when I leave Google on Firefox, this annoying sound continues. I noticed the same sound on Internet Explorer only when accessing Google search engine interface(It starts if you are idle on the search page for a while). It stops after I leave the interface or I make a search.

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It just started suddenly. There is no screen shot - Is this a virus?

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Same. Just started today, 5/21/2010 around 2:00PM PT

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Namco's 'Pac Man' is having it's 30th anniversary today and Google is celebrating by having a little flash game as their logo for today only.

That is an issue with the "Cool Previews" extension. You can update Cool Previews to the latest version. See

See [tiki-view_forum_thread.php?locale=en-US&comments_parentId=678288&forumId=1]