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IBM Trusteer Rapport is supposed to work with Firefox 57, but I can no longer protect new websites. Why?

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I use only Firefox web browser. IBM Rapport has worked until recent Firefox browser updates, now using 57 with IBM Rapport extension for Firefox, but, I can no longer protect NEW websites when clicking the grey icon in my browser. My previously protected sites do show GREEN, as being protected. But, I'm not even sure if these protected sites are actually being protected any longer in Firefox browser. IBM Rapport advised me to use Internet Explorer, but, I refuse to use that web browser. What is the problem with Firefox not making its users be able to use this IBM program?

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Try updating it :

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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I have all of the latest versions of both Firefox and IBM Trusteer Rapport. Trying to reinstall IBM program only ROLLS BACK and will not install because I have the most recent version.

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Suggest contact their support and tell them it is not compatible.

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Pkshadow said

Suggest contact their support and tell them it is not compatible.

I've already done that, both firefox and Rapport

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Have already done all of the common sense things. The last resort, at this point, is to roll back to an older Firefox version if the great tech minds at these two companies can't find a solution. Unbelievable!!!!

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Support Volunteers can't make changes to Firefox. Can help with the questions but that does not mean we know a thing about IBM Rapport and some Volunteers can do chromecss so can help change the look of Firefox but that is all out in the public is not in one place though.

We all have various levels of what do best or what to ignore. I happened to go well lets see about this one....bad mistake....for both of us but since it was sitting.

Are you running version 57 as it says here or has it updated to 57.0.1 yet. If not can go to Help then About which will show version and maybe update if 57 and says is current, shut Firefox down then restart and then Help and About again.

The update may fix this ....or not...

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Please understand that it is not the support forum persons that I commented about, it is the ACTUAL developers to whom my comments were directed. Although I do appreciate all of the efforts at suggestions, I do have a fair amount of computer knowledge. However, only those who develop these programs can change the functionality and employ a good product.

This morning I received this reply, once again, from IBM Trusteer Rapport:

''''''Thank you for contacting IBM Trusteer Technical Support.

Please note that at the moment there is no option to manually protect additional websites in Firefox.

Please be advised that this issue is currently being investigated by our company experts and we expect it to be resolved in a future release of Rapport. Unfortunately, at the current stage of the investigation we do not have a definitive time frame for resolution.

Kindly note that this is a cosmetic issue with Rapport's Firefox extension and it has no affect on Rapport's functionality. As a temporary workaround, please note that you can use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to manually protect additional sites. Once a site is protected in other supported browser, the it will be automatically protected in other browsers where Rapport is active.

Lastly, please let us know if this is not the case at hand or if Rapport's icon is grey on your bank's site.

Thank you for your patience.


Daniel D. Consumers Tier 1 Support Representative Trusteer, IBM Security Systems ''''''