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Firefox Causes "BLUE SCREEN CRASH"

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Hello There. To my utter dismay I am forced to use Chrome to access this forum. The reason is the moment I use Firefox (3) my computer crashes and I get the dreaded windows blue screen. I have been using ff for a long time now without problems. Yesterday I updated adobe flash player, but have now uninstalled flash player in the hope that the problem is resolved. No luck. I can use my computer in normal manner without problems, but the moment I use ff it crashes

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Installed the v5 update yesterday afternoon, and shortly after my mouse began stalling, hesitating, and stumbling, the cursor lagging in its screen response to my mouse actions. BSOD followed quickly after this began, before I could reboot my system. Same thing about 15 minutes ago. System had been running perfectly, with constant Firefox 5 use, then the mouse began acting up as before, and the BSOD froze the system within 30 seconds, before I could close all apps and reboot the system. NO unusual events are reported by event viewer after either BSOD. The save dump and system failure (kernel) notices show, with no reason reporting or recommendation given by clicking through to MSoft help. I'm running XP, SP3, all updates through yesterday. Intel 3Ghz, 4GB physical, 250 & 300 GB drives, all with not less than 40% available, and all showing "pass" from WD's SMART check. No recent peripheral or hardware changes in the last half-year. If you need any other info, contact me.

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I agree with the speculations regarding firefox and flash. In the last 2 months, I've have three blue screen crashes, and in each instance I had been watching a video, with the latest one being on youtube. It seems to occur when I manually scan the video timeline.

In addition, I've been experiencing an abnormal amount of firefox browser soft crashes lately.

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I don't know if it revolves around flash because my computer gets a BSOD when using firefox just during normal web browsing... Then again, everything uses flash nowadays. I was part of the beta program so it happened with the last update to FF5 and yesterday I had just updated to FF6 but it still happened. Hate using Chrome but if its not gonna lock up my computer then...

My BSOD referenced: atikmpag.sys

I've un-installed/reinstalled, rolled back/rolled forward, hdd checked/memory checked, and jumped through hoops trying to fix this issue, firefox is the only think left.

Computer specs: AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE | 8GB DDR3 1600 | (2) ATI Radeon HD 5770 crossfirex | 4 SATA HDDs | PC Power & Cooling 950w Silencer MK II |

In reference to the 5770s in crossfirex, Firefox for some reason caused the second card to activate (usually it sits idle) maybe this is related to my issue?

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I believe I have solved the problem with watching streaming video then getting the blue screen. My problem was ad muncher ad blocker. It was crashing adobe flash player. I have been frustrated by this problem for a year at least. I configured ad-muncher to "don't match against keyword" "adobe", In my filters tab. like magic I have not had a crash since. If you have a different ad-blocker then that may be causing your problem. I love Firefox and was determined to find a solution to this issue. I am very happy now. I hope this helps the rest of you.

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Hi i have problem too but not see bluescreen! my nvidia driver restore screen! CRASH ID:bp-2df8dcaa-b748-4728-94d5-410012110924.txt i see problen sometimes i went to web sites! i have WIN7 64X RAM 8GB Nvidia gtx560 ti prossecor intel core i5! all information for my comp in image! please help me! mozilla!

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Win XP Firefox 7.01 BSoD when trying to view youtube videos,Adobe Flash player 11.1.This occurred after upgrading both firefox and flashplayer, after many frustrating reboots finally downloaded and installed Google Chrome.Lo and behold all my troubles are over no probs with any videos with Chrome.Come on Mozilla get your finger out and sort it or you lose market share.

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Apologies to mozilla finally found the fault to be corrupt nvidea GT 220 video driver, updated driver from nvidea website and everything working great now. :-)) just lost 2 days of my life though

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I believed the source of this problem is when you visit a a site that uses a high amount of accelerated flash scripts, FF browser will crash. For a test go to Google and type "organic green pans" click the first or second link. These As Seen On TV sites use a lot of heavy Flash. FF 7.0 has the same problems. Incompatible graphic cards could be a problem too. BSOD didn't seem to occur in Google Chrome. You can always disable flash and only click the images you want to animate.

1. Click on Tools 2. Get Add Ons 3. Enter "Flash" in the search box 4. Download Flash Block

Experiment with the other flash plugins: Flash Fire Bug Flash Video Replacer Low Quality Flash

Good luck!

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Edited: Flash Fire Bug, Flash Video Replacer and Low Quality Flash.

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My symptoms are exactly as in c2biz 's post. Always happens after a click. My BSOD is actually black and the computer comes back to normal after 3 sec (only once a YouTube video disappeared and needed a reload ); the sound always goes on even with BlackScreen.

Seen the same bug without firefox running when trying to restore a Yap window with 3 other active applications.

The reason I'm writing in this forum is the fact that this bug happened to me once on a click unrelated to firefox versus about 100 times with ff (versions from 4 to 7).

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-> Troubleshoot Firefox crashes (closing or quitting unexpectedly)

Check and tell if its working.

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Hi everybody,

I had the same problem. Many of you say it's just firefox but with me it went a little different. First only interntet explorer in combination with youtube resulted in the blue screen. After installing a flash player update my firefox browser did the same. After a little browsing i found the solution for my system.

It's not really a bug, just a smart function in flash player that doesn't work out for some video card drivers. Go to this site: The animation should be visible without causing any problems. If this works, right click on the animation. A small menu pops out, click on the "settings..."-option. Now click on the tabs until you're at the display tab (pretty sure it's the first). Then look for the option "enable hardware acceleration". You should uncheck this option.

This should do the trick :).

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If you have a the latest version of Firefox, here how to tweak the browser in order to prevent it from crashing. First, check your add-ons. Go to Tools, then add-ons and in the "Extension" tab uninstall or disable any add-on that you don't use. This includes Java Quick Starter and Microsoft .NET Framework Assistance. Second, while in add-ons, go to the "Plugins" tab and disable any plugins that cause your browser to slow down. In particular these tree. -Adobe Acrobat, which bring up PDF files from websites onto your browser. Turning it off will prevent this and your PDF files will open externally. -get Plus for Adobe. This is not needed. -Java Platfor -Java Deployment Toolkit (any version) -MetaStream -Microsoft DRM -QuickTime Plugin, which allows you to view QT video on websites -Realtime HTML 5 Video Shim Plugin -Shockwave for Director -Window Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library and finally, Window Presentation Foundation. All of the above is not needed. Don't forget to restart Firefox in order for the changes to take effect. Fourth, if you download files into your computer, go to Tool then Download and delete to files from the download list. If you don't want to have any download file in the status bar in the future, go to Tools, then Option. Click on the "Privacy" icon and unchecked the box that says "Remember Download History."

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Hey man, you are helping me nail down the problems on my laptop... I own a Samsung R580, and I had caught a bad virus (fortunate to get it off) but after that I started getting a BSOD while running firefox with the code 0x00000019 or 0x00000050, and now whenever I try to get into the fonts, my computer also shuts down from the BSOD... are there anyother ways to fix the fonts? It crashes whenever I try to open it... I need this laptop for college, I don't have my information backed up, and I can't afford to purchase another one plz help :(

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