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My real 'player download' does not work, but will work on I.E.

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Since updating F Fox my real player 'Download this video' will not appear, I have to go on Int Explorer to use it !

Since updating F Fox my real player 'Download this video' will not appear, I have to go on Int Explorer to use it !

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Go to my link download, its a fixed version and it works fine for download on FF 3.6.6 as it did before !

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like re installing the previous mentioned "TRICK" does not work with thew latest update to fire fox
no sooty magic just a sggestion

Guess its down to fire fox a bit of a Bu**er

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Real player download will not work-Come on Firefox fix this problem. We are all going back to IE.

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deleted I'll never go back to that deleted IE :D I'll just use google Chrome.... Untill the Firefox findes the solution of this problem, She is shut down :(

it's so sad situation......

edited by a moderator due to language that was used - eh
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I have identical problem- Real Player video download doesn't work with updated Firefox but does in IE8. Sooty's solution no good - doesn't work whether enabled or disabled. Much prefer Mozilla to IE8 - come on guys - get us sorted!

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such a pitty as i was starting to love firefox

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every time fire fox updates this happens! i mean WHY? can they just like work together instead?? And why isnt any of the fire fox staff responding to this isn't this why this thread was made??? :/

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so sick of firefox's crap with this. EVERYTIME you install a new version it does this. i went back to last 2 versions and now "download" tab is back but says "unable to download" when the realplayer box pops up. i despise explorer but getting more sick of firefox for doing this everytime and thinking its ok and not being responsive to inquiries on how to stop this from happening.

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gone back to 3.0

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the only reason I don't use google chrome is FlashBlock add on.... Chrome doesn't have any!....

and mozilla does..... this is really freaking me out, dudes..... I'm using 2 diferent explorers just to get around the internet!.... it's frustrating!.....

I'm not something of a hacker or programer, so it's up to U!.... do something!.... I don't need skins, colours, and diferent tipes of buttons.... I need something that I can use.... and this update (the latest one) is not such thing.....

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Come on Firefox.  Don't get outdone by IE.  Find the problem and FIX IT!!  Don't blame Real when you know it is your problem every time you update.  Just fix the problem and you won't get complaints.
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Same problem as others. "download to real player" does not appear on version 3.6.4, but it is OK on version 3.6.3. What to do?

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Updated RealPlayer, rebooted, fiddled with settings, etc., etc., still no "download this video". This seems to happen whenever Firefox updates itself and doesn't get fixed until RealPlayer issues an update. Come on, guys. Get your act together. Do you want to leave the web to IE?

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The same problem with Firefox and Google chrome but surprisingly it is working with IE8. IE8 excel in this with FFox and Chrome

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went back to fire fox 3.0 all was well till it did a auto update things just get worse some thing a miss here with fire fox

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woooooooa new update!..... it's great!......

still doesn't work dowloader......


what hapened to U guys?.....

jebemu sve dajte nekaj napravite sa ovim, jer mi počinje izgledati da nas ne jebete ni 5% translate this if U'r able to.... It's on my language; Croatian ......

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I went back to version 3.6.3 and the button appeared

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Y'know, you'd think, after a while, Firefox would just say "Hey, what system you guys working with atm? That way we can get this working fast!"

I guess all software companies like to play their cards to their chests...

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solved the problem temp by using a older version Fire F*CX say next restart it will install 3.6.6

 can this download be prevented?
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This is so frustrating....I have to use IE every time I wanna download videos @@ Any ways to solve this problem???

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I have the same problem, and it occurs every time Firefox is updated. I too am tired of Mozilla pretending this is an Adobe or a Real Player problem, when in fact IE continues to work with Real Player after each of its frequent updates and after each of the Adobe Flash updates. As others are doing, I will drop Firefox and go back to IE.

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