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I have a long-standing Firefox account under a primary email ("email1") with a secondary email (email2). I've gotten locked out. Firefox won't let me sign in under email2; it requires email1 for sign in.

For email1, I know the password but have set up two-factor authentication. I have my authentication device and authenticator app. But, perversely, there is no app entry for Firefox. I have Microsoft's app but I have used it only for Microsoft-related sites.

How the Devil I could have enabled 2-factor authentication but lost the Firefox entry for it in the app, I neither know nor understand.

I have access to both email1 and email2. I know all the answers to every secret question I've ever answered. I know everything about me there is to know. I am me after al.

Is there any information, any combination of facts, that might satisfy Firefox that I own my account and let me turnoff 2-factor authentication?

For example, I have both Chrome and Safari accounts set up with the same username and emails, and have access to them. My user name is absolutely unique across the internet. I guarantee that no one other than me has ever used it or could ever duplicate the scheme I used to create it. I have so many accounts set up under that username that it must be patently apparent that the one at Firefox in that username is mine. Perhaps that would satisfy Firefox that I own the same-configured account at Firefox.

Can I get the attention of a live person at Firefox, one that can reason independently, one that can recognize the obvious and certain fact that the account belongs to me?

What can i do? Please don't tell me nothing. I don't care about losing the data. I just want my email addresses freed up so I can open another account.

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I was going to edit this post but can't see a way to do it, so I'm entering the edit here.

I even have the Recovery Key I generated when I set up the account. But, when I tried to use it, the system said that it was invalid because it is longer than ten digits.

Well, damn, duh!

Of course it is.

So that's another fact that should convince Firefox that I own the account.

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You can find "Edit this question" under the "Question Tools" menu in the sidebar. For a reply Edit is in the three dot menu next to a reply.

This isn't about two-factor authentication (2FA), but is about using a recovery key instead of resetting the password ?


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Yes. I followed that route. I have the recovery key file. It wouldn't accept key. That's all I can tell you.

I'm asking whether there's any other way I can get my email addressed released. Otherwise, both my primary and secondary email addresses are going sit captive in Firefox' bowls for eternity, unused. They're mine. Anyone who bothered to investigate would come to that conclusion. Guaranteed. So, can we get the attention of someone alive at Firefox to investigate?

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So, you can't login directly via the page and possibly delete the account ?

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Unfortunately, no.

Two-factor authentication is enabled. I have the authentication device I always use and the authenticator app. But there is no entry in it for Firefox. The only route around that is to use the recovery key, but the one I have is invalid, or so says the system.

Nothing can be done within the computerized system. That's why I need a live person with discretion to act.

I don't mind saying that I am quite frustrated at not being able to reach one thus far.

My questions are, "Does such a person exist? (one must) How do I reach him/her?" Perhaps I can't reach him/her. It depends on how much Firefox is willing to help a person with an 'out-of-the-box' problem as mine.

By the way, thanks for your interest and for replying. Much appreciated.


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I think that you confuse 2FA recovery codes with the Sync recovery key. Recovery codes are for bypassing 2FA and are short 10 character strings, while the recovery key is a long 32 character string to bypass a forgotten password and access the Sync account when you reset the password.

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You are correct. I did not realize that there are 2FA recovery codes and Sync recovery keys. What I have is a Sync recovery key. I suppose that I neglected to generate a 2FA recovery code when I set up 2FA, or, if I did, that I've lost it.

All that's good to know. I'm grateful for the information.

I'm still left with my once and future question: Is there a human being at Firefox with whom I can converse and who has discretion to let me into my account assuming I convince him/her that it is my account?

Long question.

Short -- one word -- answer.

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Réiteach Roghnaithe

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OK, then. It is what it is. I'm just [scatological word] out of luck.

Thank you for investigating and letting me know.

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You're welcome.