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How to use a theme for bookmarks section?

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  • Dernière réponse par raoehtesham8

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i'm using windows 10 and i have a firefox theme i like installed and in use, but when i open bookmarks, it doesn't show the theme and it's just looking so old, like windows xp? how can i change that? by the way i was using linux until yesterday.

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Try to go to about:config and add the following integer pref:

  • ui.systemUsesDarkTheme = 1
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sorry, i did it but it didn't do it. of course after doing that i restarted firefox

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Hmm, when I test:

  • It works for me in a test profile that isn't as customized as my main one.
  • In my main one, it works for the Library window (Ctrl+Shift+O) but not for the Sidebar. Probably something in my userChrome.css or userContent.css file is causing the problem.
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What Firefox theme are you using as it is possible that only some default theme is supported ?

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Valhalla Awaits by eliasjames747

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Sorry as a newbie i cant help you with.

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Does it work if you use the default Firefox theme ?

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if i use default theme with dark theme, it works. but the second i use the other theme, it's useless.

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Sorry as an new member I cant help you with.