Where to find and manage downloaded files in Firefox

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The Downloads window keeps track of files you download while using Firefox, including files you open and save to your computer. This article describes what information is displayed, how to access the Downloads window, manage files within it, and set downloading optionspreferences.

How do I access the Downloads window?

The Downloads window will open when you download a file (that setting can be changed in the OptionsPreferences window - General panel). You can also access the Downloads window as follows:

  • Click on the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP), and then click DownloadsClick on the Tools menu, and then click DownloadsClick on the Tools menu, and then click Downloads, or
  • Press Ctrl + JCtrl + Shift + Ycommand + J, or
  • Click the Downloads button, if you've got it shown in one of your toolbars (see Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars).
Note: If the Downloads window does not appear, see Downloads window does not open.

What does the Downloads window display?

Downloads Window - Win
The Downloads window displays information about each download, such as the file name, file size, time remaining before the download is complete, where the file was downloaded from, and the time or date of the download.

How can I manage files within the Downloads window?

The Downloads window keeps convenient download actions easily accessible for each of your downloads:

  • Pause: You can pause any downloads currently in progress by clicking the Pause button beside the file entry. This may be useful, for example, if you need to open a small download started after a large download. Pausing downloads gives you the choice to decide which of your downloads are most important. When you want to continue downloading those files, simply use the Resume button to finish those downloads.
  • Cancel: If after starting a download you decide you no longer need that file, canceling the download is simple: just use the Cancel button beside that file entry to cancel it and free up your connection for your browsing and other downloads.
  • Open the file: When a download has finished, you can double-click on the entry to open the file.
  • Open the file's folder: Right-clickHold down the control key while you click on an entry for a file that has finished downloading and select Open Containing FolderShow in Finder. To set the folder, see below.
  • Remove the file's entry: If you do not wish to keep a record of a particular download, simply right-clickpress Ctrl and click the file entry, then select Remove From List. This will remove the entry from the list but will not delete the file itself.
  • Retry a Download: If for any reason a download does not complete, use the Retry button next to the file entry and Firefox will restart the download for you.

You can also clear the whole list by clicking the Clear List button at the bottom of the window. This will not delete the downloaded files.

Downloads window optionspreferences

You can change several download optionspreferences, such as the folder where files are saved and whether to keep the Downloads window open or close it after the download is complete, in your Firefox optionspreferences. For more information, see OptionsPreferences window - General panel.