Lobbies and rooms in Hubs

Once you create a room, you'll be placed in the room's lobby. The lobby allows you to preview the room and any users who might already be in the room. For additional information, see the Get started with Hubs by Mozilla article.

Hubs: Lobbies

Sharing invites

The invite dialog gives you the information you need to share with others for them to join you the room. You can use the numeric code to share a link verbally, the current room URL or the shortened hub.link URL.

Hubs: Sharing Invites

Receiving invites

If you're given a numeric code, simply visit hub.link and select the appropriate letters and numbers to join the room directly.

User list

The user list tells you how many users are present, their names, device types and whether they're in the room or still in the lobby.


You can use text chat to communicate with users in the room from both the lobby and after you've entered the room.


A checkbox on the lobby page allows you to sign up for notifications that alert you when another user has entered the room. You can sign up for notifications on your phone or computer. You don't need to remain in the room to receive notifications.

Name and avatar

Use this dialog to select a name and avatar. Advanced users can also specify a custom avatar URL.

Entering a room

When you're ready to enter a room, you'll be asked to pick a name and avatar if you haven't already, choose an appropriate device and set up and test your audio.

Entering on a mobile VR headset

If you've visited a Hubs room on a computer or smartphone, you can use the Mobile Headset device option to easily enter a room from your computer or phone using a smartphone-based VR headset like the Google Daydream View or standalone headset like the Oculus Go. Simply click the Mobile Headset device option and follow the instructions from your VR headset.

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