How can I recover my lost Pocket account?

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If you cannot access your Pocket account and are unable to reset your password, we’d be happy to try and track down your account.

There is a chance that we will not be able to help you recover a lost account. If the items saved in the lost account are unimportant to you, we would recommend creating a new account instead so that you can resume using Pocket right away.

How to Recover a Pocket account

In order to recover a Pocket account, we ask that you provide the following information to prove that you are the owner.

  • The email address that you registered with Pocket.
  • An estimate of when the account was created.
  • A few names or titles of items that you’ve recently saved to your account.
  • Any other information that will help us confirm that the email address is yours.

Click below to send us an email with this information. Once received, we will search our database and reply with what we find.

Recover my Lost Pocket Account ›

Note: Please do not share your Pocket password with us or anyone else.

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