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Current M AliceWyman updated for fx70, deleted link to redirected article, other edits
Reviewed M rikk corrected spelling and sentence stucture problems, provided more consice and pertinent information, attempted to make the tone more casual
Approved M AliceWyman updates for fx63+
Approved M AliceWyman [Fx60] Cookie settings moved to "Cookies and Site Data" (bug 1432743)
Approved M AliceWyman updated for fx56
Approved   AliceWyman resubmitting Aug 1, 2016 revision by Tonnes to remove sharearticle template call since it was approved as level 2 in error. I'll approve my resubmitted revision as minor and then delete Tonnes' revision.
Approved   William Qin Brief Grammar Fix
Approved   Joni added relevant terms to search summary
Unreviewed   Sayantan This article describes what "cookies" are, how they are used, and how to manage them in Firefox. __TOC__ = What is a cookie? = A [http://wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie cookie] Cookies are small files that are placed on your browser or device by the webs
Reviewed M Sayantan Cookies helps to provide a better, faster and safer experience.Technologies like cookies isused to deliver, secure, and understand products, services. We and our affiliates, third parties, and other partners (“partners”) use these technologies for securi
Approved   adampeebleswrites changed "e-mail" to "email"
Approved   scoobidiver fixed links
Approved M Michael Verdi New 160 character search summary
Approved M Swarnava Sengupta added the Share this article template
Approved   Michael Verdi Removing the "cookies" keyword bomb. (end of test)
Approved   Michael Verdi Search tuning test - adding cookies keyword a whole bunch of times
Approved M John99 An embeded rem is for some reason remming out nearly all of the visible content !! I modified the text
Reviewed   Gninety
Approved   Michael Verdi added summary and keywords
Unreviewed   nfrover Changed "However, you can change you Firefox" to "However, you can change your Firefox"

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