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How to fix onnegotiation handling loop when the RTCPeerConnection.restartIce() is called?

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I built a web application using WebRTC technology.

My case is that I browse the web site on my android phone using Chrome version 83, and then I browse the web site on my pc using firefox version 77. And the server-side code is using node.js. It works fine.

When I switch the connection on my mobile from wifi to mobile network or from the mobile network to wifi, both browsers are handling the "onnegotiation" event infinity.

However, if I browse the web site on my pc using the Chrome browser, the problem does not exist.

I am using the perfect negotiation method to establish a connection.

I have tried to rebuild the connection in socket.on("reconnect"), it does not work.

How can I fix the problem?

And my source code can be downloaded from the following URL for reference:

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hello knvbhk,

i understand your problem please visit the below link this is very helpfull to you

when i have share the link this is a developer mozilla.


Tell me its help

Reply back to me on reply section

thank you for asked question in Mozilla Support forum.




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