Lockwise losing login information after Firefox update

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Some users have experienced issues with the Lockwise Password Manager not saving usernames and passwords when updating from an older Firefox version. This is due to a migration from using key3.db (in older versions) to key4.db (in current versions) when the decryption key is not migrated properly. This article describes how to safely migrate your login data for the latest version of Firefox.

Note: This issue has affected users updating from Firefox versions prior to 73. If you are migrating from a newer version and are experiencing a different issue, you should ask for help on the support forum, at Get community support. To find your Firefox version, see this article.

Find and back up old profile data

First, make sure that you still have the key3.db file in your affected profile and save a backup copy, as follows:

  1. Click the menu button Fx57menu , click Help and select Troubleshooting Information.From the Help menu, select Troubleshooting Information. The Troubleshooting Information tab will open.
  2. Under the Application Basics section next to Profile FolderDirectory, click Open FolderShow in FinderOpen Directory. A window will open that contains your profile folder.Your profile folder will open.
  3. Find the key3.db file and save a backup copy to an easy to find location, such as the desktop.

Install Firefox 68 ESR to migrate correctly

Next, you will "downgrade" your current Firefox version to version 68, by installing Firefox ESR to help migrate the login data.

  1. Download Firefox 68 ESR and install it over your current version.
  2. When you launch Firefox after completing the installation, click the Create New Profile button to start Firefox with a new profile.
    • Firefox will start up with a new, empty profile.
  3. Open the new profile folder, as explained above.
  4. Close Firefox 68 ESR. Click the Firefox menu Fx57Menu and select Exit.Click the Firefox menu at the top of the screen and select Quit Firefox.Click the Firefox menu Fx57Menu and select Quit.
  5. Copy the key3.db file that you saved earlier from your old profile to this fresh new profile. Keep the profile folder window open.
  6. Open Firefox 68 ESR again after this file is in place. This will perform the migration correctly, by creating the key4.db file.
  7. Close Firefox 68 ESR again.
  8. Copy the newly created key4.db file from the new profile folder to your old profile folder (you can navigate to the old profile from the open profile folder window, or you can use these instructions.)

Install and open the latest version of Firefox

You can now safely upgrade Firefox 68 ESR to the latest version of Firefox.

  1. Download the latest version of Firefox, run the installer and launch Firefox.
  2. Click the menu button Fx57Menu to open the menu panel.
  3. Click Logins and Passwords.
  4. Confirm usernames and passwords are correctly stored under Logins and Passwords.

After confirming that your logins exist in the latest version, you can now delete the backup copy of the key3.db file that you saved earlier (make sure to keep the new key4.db file located in the profile folder).

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