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In which format are firefox bookmarks within a profile stored? and how can I recover them using file carving?

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I lost a whole Ext4 partition, however it appears that there is chances to recover raw data from my disk. There is a very important profile within the lost partition that contains very important bookmarks. Now if I want to use file carving techniques for recovering the lost data, which formats or text patterns may help to identify the data? Can I specify lz4 and sqlite formats? what are the other formats? Which text pattern can I use to recover the bookmark files using grep tool over raw disk data?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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jscher2000 has a tool on his website to extract out your bookmarks and save them to an HTML-format bookmark export file. If you want to try it, here is the page:


To open the bookmarkbackups folder in Finder, use the "Open in Finder" button in the first table on the Troubleshooting Information page, and double-click into bookmarkbackups where you should see several dated files. From there you can drag and drop onto the conversion tool.

To import the HTML file, see the steps in this article: Import Bookmarks from an HTML file.