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I can't send a message with multiple receipients

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I cannot send a message to a mailing list (multiple recipients). It gives an error message "<email list name> is not a valid email address because it is not of the form user@host. You must correct it before sending the email."

I have been sending such mailing list for years but this is a recent problem. I tried changing the list name, without success.

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Hi, I'm not sure this is a Firefox issue, so can you test with another browser such as Internet Explorer etc?

If the issue is with Thunderbird, please see help or post in that forum.

If you are using webmail such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook etc., you will need to seek advice from them.

If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

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I don't think I can use another browser to send this email 'list' as the email addresses (about 300 of them) are all in my Thunderbird account. Anyway, I have a number of other 'lists' in the same account and I have no problem sending these lists. I have tried 'Help' but can find nothing there that addresses the problem. I don't think my email is a web based system. It is an old Indigo account which is now part of Eir (Eircom) - the main telecommunications provider in Ireland.

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moved to the Thunderbird queue

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I deleted one of the group mailing lists that wasn't working and recreated it using a different name. It worked ! Once. Then it stopped working. Same problem as before.

What can I do?

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Please post an image of the error message as I need to see the exact spelling of the Mailing list to which it is referring to.

Please post image showing the left Directory Pane in the 'Address Book'. make sure all 'Mailing lists' are visible.

In Address Book Double click on the problem Mailing list to open in new window. Post image which shows the top section details: List Name List Nickname Description.

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I finally managed to copy the images which are now attached

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I know that with my ISP, I am limited to 99 recipients at a time or they shut me down as a "spammer". Could this be your isp not accepting that big a list?

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In the past there was a bug which did not like spaces or capital letters other than the first letter. This was fixed, although you cannot rule out a regression bug.

The error message you are seeing might be due to the number of contacts in the list. I can see that you have 251 in that particular Mailing List.

If you do not mind, I would suggest you reduce the list to eg: 60 and then retry. What server are you using to send the email? gmail ,comcast. Bt etc etc ?

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In relation to your first reply, for two reasons I don't think the size of the list is the issue. One of the lists, which is giving me problems, only has 17 email addresses attached to it while the other has about 250. The other reason is that both of the lists worked for me over the last number of years without any difficulty. Its only in the last few months that the problem arose.

In relation to your second reply, the list names used to include MHSI (in caps) but I changed that to lower case letters and also tried a few different names including ones without spaces and with hyphens, all to no avail. Other lists that I use, which work fine, have names which include a number of capital letters and spaces.

As regards the server, it appears to be smtp.upcmail.ie

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upcmail - I thought that UPC was now owned by Virgin which has a daily sending limit of 100 emails according to this: http://help.virginmedia.com/system/selfservice.controller?CMD=VIEW_ARTICLE&ARTICLE_ID=3307&CURRENT_CMD=SEARCH&CONFIGURATION=1001&PARTITION_ID=1&USERTYPE=1&LANGUAGE=en&COUNTY=us&VM_CUSTOMER_TYPE=Cable

But I'm unsure if this is now applied to the old UPC accounts.

re :One of the lists, which is giving me problems, only has 17 email addresses attached to it while the other has about 250.

Is there a common contact(s) - same person(s) in each of these Mailing Lists?

What version of Thunderbird are you using ?