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Why does Firefox account reset after browser update?

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Everytime Firefox updates, I get create new account and all of my bookmarks are gone. I have seen how to go fix it, but now after about 5 times of it doing this. I am growing tired of fixing it. Other Browsers don't do this. I even created and logged in to sync, now my bookmarks are there but not on the toolbars as I like.

Can anyone explain or help?

Thank you, Ready to Divorce FF

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I HAVE divorced Firefox over this. After going through the reloading of my old profile (why does Sync not work? because it's synced the newer blank profile [ridiculous]) and getting all set up after wasting nearly an hour... I begin adding back browser add-in's and then Firefox will say "oh, you're using an older version of Firefox" ... maybe reading the version off the old profile that, yes, needs to be upgraded

and then it upgrades and promptly acts like a first time install... ridiculous! and yes, I am an admin on my PC and yes, I know what I'm doing... the software is broken.

Firefox... what happened? You were once the most secure, reliable and speedy browser around. These last few months the software is an unusable buggy mess. I hate to say it but I just could waste another minute troubleshooting it and had to resort to Chrome.

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Are either of you two on Mac? I know the question details say that you are on Windows, but it's possible that you are writing from another computer.

Mac users see this type of issue most often because they don't properly install Firefox on their computer. Many run Firefox directly from the DMG file that they down (which is a simulated disk) instead of copying the file to the applications folder.

This causes an issue because Mac will remount the DMG file frequently, which changes the path of the Firefox program. This tricks Firefox into thinking that it's a new installation and forces it to create a new blank profile, making it seem as though the browser has been reset.

If either of you are indeed on a Mac and have this issue, review the How to download and install Firefox on Mac page to make sure that you have installed Firefox correctly on your computer.

You could have the same issue on other operating systems as well (Windows, Linux, etc) if the location of Firefox changes. This is most frequent for users who have Firefox installed on a drive or portable device other than the drive that their operating system is installed on. When their computer reboots, the drive Firefox is installed on may not be mounted to the same location, so it will have the same impact as on Mac.

Hope this helps.


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