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Lolu chungechunge lwavalwa lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

Firefox 29 is full of problems.

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- Session restore brings up tabs that I had closed before closing Firefox. Sometimes it even selects a tab that I didn't have selected when I closed it.

- Leaking memory like nobody's business. It went from 500 MB to 1.5 GB overnight (i.e. while it was "idling" minimized on the desktop).

- The config.trim_on_minimize setting is missing. Why is this?

- When the memory usage gets above ~1 GB (FYI, this is a guess), I start seeing problems with Firefox displaying web-page graphics and even, in one instance, shutting down text input on a web page (this was within Facebook).

- Randomly crashes for no apparent reason. FYI, this happened after I updated to Firefox 28 as well.

None of these problems ever happened before I upgraded to Firefox 28 and 29. I'm very close to abandoning Firefox altogether if these problems are not resolved promptly and permanently. In other words, I've nearly had enough of this. Whatever happened to "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?

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Installed the "Classic Theme Restorer" I managed to get one of the toolbars I want customized.

I can't put the toolbar where I want it, but it does have the buttons I want on it. Other toolbars still refuse to allow me to place the controls where I want them.

And now I have additonal buttons I never wanted, but I can't get rid of them.

I especially DO NOT WANT a Big ORANGE Firefox drop-down button that I can't get rid of!

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You can get rid of the Firefox icon by going into the 3 bars (menu) and hitting customize and then you drag that and anything else you don't want back to the icons that are to the left in customization. Then hit the exit out. There is the add on bar for the bottom add on you can get if that is what you need. I am trying to figure out how to change the look of the icons in this Gawd awful FF 29. If anyone knows how please let me know. Debating on going back to 28.

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renascent wrote:

> Debating on going back to 28.

Don't know if this will help your personal debate, but I went back to 28 and am very happy with the decision (other than I won't be able to test other items).

Is it possible to run multiple versions of Firefox on the same workstation? (e.g. 28.0 and 29.0.1?) One thought might be different profiles, but . . .

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I see my FF29 taking up 5.93 GB Ram space currently. Ridiculous !! Yes, I see there are links to disabling hardware acceleration etc. and I will try them. But will all due respect, an end-user should not have to get all techie and do such things if FF29 was such a great release. Clearly, there are massive problems with this version.

Another example -- The amazon "Look Inside" now shows blank pages when I go to the "Table of Contents". Does not happen for FF28 (on my wife's machine) and in Chrome (on my machine).

Even after clearing the cache and cookies, my personal website seemed to be working but randomly the links stop working (i.e., FF reloads the same page instead of navigating to where the links should take it to).

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renascent wrote:

You can get rid of the Firefox icon by going into the 3 bars (menu) and hitting customize and then you drag that and anything else you don't want back to the icons that are to the left in customization. Then hit the exit out.

Well, no you cannot. I did mention that I now have buttons I don't want that I can't get rid of.

The big orange button won't drag.

Left click, right click, center click, Left+Right click ... the drop down menu box opens, but it won't drag off to the unwanted icons area.

Okulungisiwe ngu JBS1949

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I could drag the Orange Firefox symbol which was to the upper right and get rid of it. Is that the one you are having issues with? Strange why you can't click and drag it back to the customize menu? Anyone else get the update for 29.01? I do NOT want to update!!!!! Has anyone else updated?

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After update firefox 29 my processor is 100% full. Major system crash. Computer freezes. I put it back to state of firefox 28 and no issue anymore. I think I skip this version and wait for a fix.

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WHAT kind of "answer" is "turn off hardware acceleration"???

WHY should I have to "slow down" my computer and/or Firefox??

That's just ridiculous.

As if Firefox isn't slow enough these days.

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Totally Agree, 29 is a joke .. I have been a Firefox user for over 10 yrs, I was instrumental it getting my company to promote FF over IE and now FF is the default browser on our our work laptops. I have been getting increasingly annoyed with the FF update process since about FF20, but 29 takes the biscuit. Thankfully this increasing annoyance had driven me to learn more about backing up my setting etc, I am a techie so I was annoyed with myself previously when one of the Updates totally change my FF UI, lost bookmarks save passwords and add-on settings. To allow my self to continue to be able to work today after update to 29, I had to revert to 28 and was able to re-apply all my old settings, but then had to spent over an hour in getting everything positioned as how I had before, tabs and addons on bottom, navigation, reload and stop buttons to top right of address bar and weather top right for example, had another job in remembering how to get the status to the left and adons to the right etc etc everyone has there own preferences. So I am officially done with Firefox and will no longer advise either colleagues or friend to use FF anymore. My goal now is to find another browser, I wont be using anything from Google and will only use IE when necessary. Now as I said I am done, and I mean it, I am that type, so I cannot be reconverted, but my advise to FF is to stop F***king around with the UI and where items etc are placed stored between updates or you will so have less market share, FF was used by a lot of Techies ands it was their word of mouth that increased the user base, but you have been annoying and losing the techies over the last updates, for me from the 20's its being going downhill. Maybe having two types of updates like a security update and Functionality update that informs the person of what is going to change and what precautions to take would help. Also in your testing maybe do some some actual work rather than opening you tube or Facebook, etc etc.. maybe have 2 versions of Firefox, one that kinda stays the same and one for the you tube/facebook.twiiter masses For me it will be a week of using different browsers to see what I like or dont like, maybe I should thank FF for making me see what else is out there. Bye

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I felt that due to some previous ranting I had to make a few more comments.

In my case, my FF28 got updated to FF29 without me knowing about these major UI changes. My previous rant was due to the issue I had in going back to 28, I use a fairly customized FF with only about 10 addons, but with all my Work and Personal URL's bookmarked in Folders on the Bookmark Toolbar. I also have the status/progress on the bottom addon bar, and I have by tabs on the bottom of screen above the bottom status bar, as I used multiple monitors and like my tabs close to my Windows task bar some of these required some hacks which I had forgotten.

So I started FF to do some work and I didn't know what the 'ell was going on, thought it was first a virus/toolbar crap that had taken over my FF .. etc and killed it straight away .. done some quick research and see its the all new and great FF29. Ok so now I know so I started it up again, mine was all over the place and I dint like what I was seeing so I reverted back to FF28, all my ranting was related to really the hassle, I lost the first hour of my working day.

Anyhoooo .. as I am a FF fan, i decided to give it another go.. Downloaded FF29 and noticed its already a newer version . 29.0.1 cant remember exactly the number and I aint loading it up to see. I installed to a different folder than the default.

And this time things are a lot different, it was almost the same as my FF28, my tabs and addon bar was on the bottom, still have the ham button with the less functionality and customization options, but I have the File, Edit, View back ( I never had the Orange FF button, I never liked it and cant remember how i ever removed it either) Of course I still cant move the refresh, stop buttons to where i would like, the tabs are round but not as bad as before, I have the Tab Mix Plus addon and it seems to have helped me. So my advise it to install to another location and try it for a bit, it might be not as bad, personally for work though I will stick to FF28 or ESR 24 until 29 gets revisited, I think the way FF29 was released was a shame, if people were let know to back up the older FF and how to go back there would not have been such an uproar

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Although it is irritating to not have the Refresh and Stop buttons, I just use the keyboard F5 and ESCape keys. (Shift-F5 is a "hard refresh") But, overall, it's not that much different.

Okulungisiwe ngu OldManRivuh

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I tried going back to FF28 and it updates to FF29 without authorization, grrrrrrrr. Not amused.

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If you have classic theme restorer you can get both the stop and reload button with that. Just go and customize in its preferences. Uncheck the combine stop and reload and you will get the X and curved arrow.  :)

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> I tried going back to FF28 and it updates to FF29 > without authorization, grrrrrrrr. Not amused.

In the Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Updates

The setting there affects the updating of Firefox. By default it will operate, as you describe. You can change its behavior between several choices. The one I suspect you'll want now is the "last one," which says to never check for updates (this can cause security issues, etc). While you'll have to check for updates manually, it also insures you can check out the update before getting it!!

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Ah, thank you!!!!!!!!  :)

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Memory problem -- ME TOO!

FF29.0.1. I see this on two(2) Windows 7 Professional and one(1) Windows XP Professional system. I admit, I have a lot of windows and tabs -- all local to each desktop. (I don't use Sync.) Average is about five(5) windows with about 10-15 tabs per window.

According to Windows Task Manager FF29 starts up with about 450-500MB of private working memory. If I leave it on overnight, usage balloons to ~2.5GB! The browser becomes unusable and now I just kill it with Task Manager.

If a fix isn't pushed out soon, I'll probably install Chrome for a few months.

BTW -- (enabled) Extensions:

  • Classic Theme Restorer 1.1.8
  • Come back "Block image from ad.sites" 0.6, and
  • Flashblock 1.5.17.

Okulungisiwe ngu dbuchholz

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Time to leave.

Talk about the "last straw".

Unbelievably dumb move on their part. And to think, this pathetic "update" and laughable re-design was the result of hundreds/thousands of man hours, debates, meetings, focus groups, and design,

...and despite flaws that even a child could see, it was still implemented.

Says a lot.

Time to leave.

FF, you were once pretty damn good. Not anymore. Decisions like these speak volumes about you and the people behind decisions like these.

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There is a SERIOUS and EXTREME lack of leadership at Mozilla these days. Which is why they are crapping up Firefox.

Someone (probably multiple people) should be summarily fired, or at least terminated.

They have embraced the humorous definition of a committee:

A multi-legged creature with no brain.

I've seen some discussions and comments in bugzilla by team members who, if they thought and acted and worked like that most of the places I've worked, they would be laughed at by the other programmers and almost immediately terminated. (ideally with prejudice)

In a "where there's smoke there's fire" scenario, I can only imagine the "brain trust" they have working at Mozilla these daze. I doubt if most of them could program their way out of a wet paper bag to save their lives. At this point, it's a minor miracle that Firefox minimally works and is as good it is.

It's sad and unfortunate. I thought about switching to another browser, but there aren't really any viable options, unfortunately. Opera and Chrome just aren't quite "there", and have their own issues, some of them worse than Firefox.

At least Firefox isn't Internet Explorer. (yet)

So I'm stuck with Firefox, and I continually hope they will just leave it alone and not mess it up, or slow it down, any more than they already have.

But I think we all know that there's not a chance in Hell of that happening.

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What presents the biggest problem to the future of Firefox and, by extension, Mozilla is how businesses view the browser.

What I'm getting at occurs when someone contacts a website about one of their pages having a problem. Typically they request or require you be running the most recent version of the browser before they'll look at the issue.

Where the problem for Mozilla exists is the problem will be in the quickly shoved out browser instead of the webpage or website. Thus after they see the problem and then spend many a dollar (e.g. man time, etc) determining the cause, only to see it is the browser, they firm is less likely to want to support Firefox.

Of course the solution is to:

1) Have an official stable version (and before you say it defeats the direction of using users to test, please hear me out).

2) Continue pushing out these quick updates, but allow companies to only support the latest official stable version (e.g. Firefox 28).

3) The way a version becomes the official stable version is it is A) PUSHED OUT and B) the community accepts it by using it without many going back. An example is how so many people are going back to 28. Obviously it is the latest / current stable release.

What would it take to implement this new direction?

Add a second download link to the "last official stable version" wherever people can download Firefox. The main link would be to the very latest version (e.g. 29.0.1) but the smaller link would be the stable version (e.g. 28). Additionally, Mozilla would inform content providers of the stable version number and recommend they support both and let the provider determine the version they require users use to report problems.

Mozilla and Firefox needs to worry about defections on both ends of the paradigm.

Okulungisiwe ngu Bertram_Moshier

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