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[Firefox 26] Download box

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Hi, i just update today to firefox 26, and with my surprise the download box disappear, then i click on the download option (ctrl + j) and the bookmark open.

Are you devs out of your mind?

I use firefox for years and i love the separate download minibox where i can manage all my downloads, see the download speed, pause, resume and so on, why the hell you remove the best feature of your browser with this crappy bookmark/history integration no one ask? I really don't get it.

Please consider to revert this awfull change, at least make it optional so if i want to use the old download box i can use it.

If nothing will be done i'm forced to remove firefox from my pc and install chrome, after all these years with FF is a shame that you put in bad features like these withourt asking your community before.

Really disappointed, hope you revert the change.

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Hi Fnights

Well the download box did not disappear, its just on the Navigation Toolbar. Please find more information on the download box in the article below.

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One more thing, if you right click on the downloading file, you will see options such pause, resume and so on.

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Is unpratical, the % small and info like download speed is missing. I prefer my separate mini-box window where i can manage all my downloads all-in-one and a fantastic thing is that it work even if i close the browser.

For now i downgrade to firefox 24 ESR, since is supported, but when support end i will unistall FF and use another browser, there is no way i will use a crappy download interface like this.

I still think that this change is something awfull and terrible, and devs should have make it OPTIONAL, and before this listen opinions of the community on the change. After all we are the only one who use the browser so i think we deserve more voice on it, expecially regarding GUI.

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You can display the new Downloads Manager in a tab by opening the about:downloads page and you can consider to open this page in a separate window.

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Unpractical, everytime i load the browser i have to make the tab window and resize it, also there isn't any info about download rate.

They fxxxxx up the download interface and nothing can't save this till they revert the feature or at least make it optional.

No doubt a lot of people will downgrade to the old version or ESR, or change browser, nobody ask for this change, nobody complain, the old download box was perfect, one on the best features of firefox now wasted.

Okulungisiwe ngu James

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That is not what Fnights is wanting. What Fnights, myself and many others are asking is the same thing. How do we configure the download panel so that it opens AUTOMATICALLY when the download starts? Up to and including FF version 25 there was a FIX. That fix was about:config ----set the Boolean pref "" to true This no longer works with version 26, so what is the new fix????? I know you all work hard at trying to make things better, but in this case you missed big time. This same question keeps showing up with each new version. Please post the fix and when the next version comes out, please make the fix permanent so we won't have to keep asking the same question.

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How convenient, so the solution is, install a third party plug-in to have the old download box? Heavy more the browser? Are you serious?

Ehm no.

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"Firefox used to be an excellent browser that featured a great many customization options which allowed the user to configure it to his own preferences. Sadly, things have gone very wrong with Firefox in recent years and it has become extremely unpleasant to use.

The user interface has been dumped down and is now just a clone of Chrome. Chrome is much faster, more efficient and more stable than Firefox and it's only Chrome's user interface that lets it down. However, if Mozilla are going to turn Firefox into a clone of Chrome then I may as well just use Chrome and take advantage of the extra performance it offers.

The browser is also becoming less customizable. Mozilla used to understand that every user had different preferences so they allowed the user to customize Firefox to match their work style. In recent years Mozilla have abandoned this approach and changed their attitude to, "We know what you want better than you do! We'll tell you how to use Firefox! We don't care about your opinion!"

Useful features such as the status bar and download manager have been removed entirely. This seems to be an act of pure malice and again illustrates Mozilla's "We know best!" attitude. They don't care that some users found these features useful, they instead want to dictate to users how they should use Firefox.

Instead of destroying the user interface and removing useful features I'd much rather Mozilla focused on improving Firefox's stability and reducing its memory footprint. However, it seems they have no interest in improving the browsing and only want to make it worse.

Mozilla's arrogance and incompetence has destroyed a once great piece of software. With such a terrible attitude towards their users it's little wonder that Firefox's market share is in rapid decline. I myself have run out of patience with Mozilla and will be looking for an alternative browser.

RIP Firefox."

By RandolfS

Okulungisiwe ngu fire_hound

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Absolutely agree, after FF 24 is not longer supported i will switch do Chrome. Browser should do what the user want and be practicable, not the countrary. Also is sad that Mozilla don't listen anymore to the community and make changes that NO ONE ask (and majority dislike).

Is so damn hard maintain the old efficient interface and focus only on bug fix and stability? If people is fine with it then keep it, is not change, captain obvious.

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The problem now is that they are obsessed with their "Joe". They do stupid tests on ten people and decide to change everything, because eight did not understand something. They try to put themselves in the place of a dumb user and imagine - wrong - things.

What they do not understand is that their "Joe" is already using Firefox. New "Joe" use Chrome because Google told them to do, as before Google told them to use Firefox.

Firefox no longer gaining new users and scares his old user.

Today, I'm sad because with Firefox 26, I realized I had to change browser. I use Firefox since Phoenix. Since the new update scheme, after each update, I lose my time searching how to reactivate old features. I don't want to use 50 add-ons slowing my browser.

For them, if we complain, it's because we don't accept change, it is wrong, we don't accept the regressions.

Now I have to find another browser.

Sorry for my english.

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Readers of this thread may be interested in

  • my (not too helpful !) explanatory comment in a related thread.

The better news is that there have been conversations (slightly behind the scenes rather than within this particular forum) with forums helpers and forum staff.

It is my expectation that further comments on the situation, from Mozilla staff, may be made soon in that other thread (hopefully next week before many are off for Christmas) and so it would be worth watching that thread /questions/980127

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Dunno mate, but i feel bad about this matter since seems dev don't care. However is a good thing that a lot of people dislike this feature since is well, a crap.

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I've always disliked the inbuilt default file manager in Firefox. I have been using Download Statusbar for as long it has been in development but it just broke with the latest release of Firefox.

The Mozilla devs should take a look at the features and simpleness of that addon and do something similar. Having to open a full window when i want to manage my downloads is just unessesary in my opinion, i rather want to manage them directly from the navigation toolbar, they should let the user choose which way he or she want to manage it. Manage my downloads in a mini window when pressing the the button on the navigation bar would be a good start.


Okulungisiwe ngu klappa

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I'm just speculating here, but it seems to me that over the course of the past few years, the user interface designers have tried to remove everything that pops up and place it on the toolbar, or in a tab, or in the Library dialog.

The small panel that appears when you click the green download arrow, and the integrated (and admittedly tiny) progress bar that appears in place of the arrow while downloads are in progress, are the results of applying that philosophy. The intended design is shown in the video in the support article: Where to find and manage downloaded files in Firefox.

To return to a pop-up window, you will need to use an extension such as this one:

As you can see from the developer's comments, lots of suggestions are in the process of being incorporated now or are expected to be implemented in future versions, so this is a good time to test it out and engage in making it what you want it to be.

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christianhberg, There is a compatible "Download Status Bar" extension that works with Firefox 26.0

The support thread for this extension is at

Many download related Extensions that were using the old download api will not work on new one (that has existed since Firefox 20.0)

Okulungisiwe ngu James

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Thanks for the headup but i already knew about that one. I made a comment about it.

"Just gotta share some thoughts on this addon. First i have used the download statusbar addon for a very long time until recently when it broke with the latest version of FF 26. Currenly missing some features this one have compared to the one i mentioned and that is first and foremost a button on the navigation toolbar where i could easily manage my downloads and have a quick overview over the files i have downloaded. Well i guess i have to live with this one instead of that horrifying default download manager Firefox uses. "

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They made a lot of seriously stupid changes to FIREFOX 26. History doesn't even work right anymore (I can see things I went to 4 months ago, but randomly if it was yesterday)

This really blows

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There shouldn't be a problem with keeping the history. I still have history that goes back 6 months to Augustus last year and have an older than 6 months folder as well.

If history disappears then it either gets deleted manually or via (external) cleanup software or there is a problem with the places.sqlite database file.

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1) Which version is the last version that had the old behaviour? (where at least Boolean pref to true used to work)

2) Where can I download it from?

3) Is it a pain to downgrade, or is it straightforward?

Why the *&^*(&^ did FF fix another thing that wasn't broken? And there's no way I'm using yet another add-on to get the old version back...

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